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  • Evergreen Chorale planning a ‘Fiesta!’

    Christine Gaudreau, the artistic director of the Evergreen Chorale, loves collaboration — bringing together the artistic elements of music, voice and dance to create a lively, almost theatrical, experience. The Evergreen Chorale’s most recent collaboration meets all of these artistic challenges. The Chorale’s last concert of its 40th-anniversary season is called “Fiesta!”; the Chorale will perform with the premier Hispanic dance company, Fiesta Colorado, in a concert that will sparkle with dance and song from Central and South America.

  • StageDoor’s ‘Legally Blonde’ adds tunes to laughter

    “Legally Blonde” is a musical based on the 2001 movie starring actress Reese Witherspoon. The story is a lighthearted, funny tale of Elle Woods, who enrolls in law school to win back her ex-boyfriend, Warner. “Legally Blonde” opened at StageDoor Theatre on April 13 to rave reviews. The show, being produced by StageDoor’s high school company, runs through May 4.

  • ‘101 Dalmations’ the perfect training ground for young-pup performers

    Spring is the season for new life. And what better way to celebrate the growing animal kingdom than with a pack of puppies — 101 puppies, to be exact. Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”is a heartwarming tale of human kindness filled with musical pizzazz, thanks to young actors from the Prelude to the Evergreen Children’s Chorale.

    The Prelude is a mountain community choir for students in second, third and fourth grades. This year, Prelude has 23 young performers who will participate in “101 Dalmatians.”

  • Enter Callie’s ‘art world’

    When she was a young girl, Callie Graham of Bailey escaped the frustrations associated with dyslexia by entering her “art world.”

    Now, at age 15, art is the dominant theme in her world — and the arena where she excels.

    Callie’s drawings are on display in “The Dreams Within Us,” an exhibit at Shadow Mountain Gallery in Evergreen. The 15-year-old’s work — pencil drawings primarily of characters from “Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” — will be on exhibit until April 21.

  • Young Writers Conference promotes the power of the pen
  • High School Art Show highlights young talent
  • Evergreen Players’ production asks, ‘Are we there yet?’
  • ‘Urinetown’ goes to pot, and you’ll laugh the whole way
  • Exhibit’s photos meld art, science

    For many people, art and science don’t mix. However, scientists and artists have shared an interdisciplinary connection for centuries. Artists relied upon the work of biologists to learn how to properly depict anatomic details of the animal kingdom. Conversely, scientist relied on artists’ works as a teaching guide to illustrate scientific texts. In an upcoming Evergreen exhibit by microbiologist-turned-photographer Michael Gabridge, viewers will see that the boundaries between art and science, while once believed to be conventionally steadfast, are unexpectedly fluid.

  • ‘1776’ shows the humanity of founding fathers

    In the wake of a tempestuous election season, it’s comforting and inspiring to reflect upon the beginnings of our nation. The Evergreen Chorale, in its latest production of the musical “1776,” provides us with the opportunity to travel back in time to witness the fights, debates and compromises that led to the founding of our country. The show also reminds us that one can always find much humor in the serious business of creating and running a country.