Wulf Rec Center improvements in progress

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By Sandy Barnes

Construction fences placed around a freshly graded hill at Wulf Recreation Center mark the beginning of a project designed to make the facility more inviting and user-friendly.

"The focus of the project is increased accessibility," said Scott Robson, executive director of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District. 

Workers are replacing the steep walkways around the center with gently graded paths, making them easier for people with disabilities and parents pushing strollers to use.

A plaza at the entrance of the rec center property is another key component of the project. 

"We want to create this inviting plaza," said Robson.

Situated on tree-shaded property beside Evergreen High School, the rec center can be difficult to locate, he said. 

Another issue at Wulf is poor drainage.

"We're dealing with major drainage issues," said Robson.  

To correct the problem, drainage will be directed into a dry creek bed, which Robson said can be an attractive centerpiece.

The Wulf project also includes major upgrades to the playground, where aging equipment will be replaced. Also, wood chips and a smooth rubberized surface will be placed in some areas.

Tennis courts at Wulf also will see upgrades, including a drinking fountain and shelter area, said Robson. Lighting for the courts, which some residents have requested, is not in this year's budget, he added. 

Phase two of the Wulf improvements will begin in the summers with a mountain bike course created on the southern side of the center, where outdoor education will take place along with summer camp.

"That allows us not to have to put kids on buses as much and keep them closer to the recreation center," said Robson.

Another anticipated project is installation of a disc golf course and a zipline, which Robson said are relatively low-cost projects.

The zipline will be a supervised activity that will be available through summer camp, he said.

"Wulf Park is the biggest single capital project," said Robson. 

In the park and recreation district budget for 2013, $95,000 is allocated for phase two of the Wulf Rec Center project. The grand total for capital improvement projects for this year is more than $1 million.

During the year, park district staff will continue to focus on Evergreen Lake with continued improvements to the trail system and boardwalk replacement. 

The biggest project of the year will be the downtown connection from the lake, Robson noted. The work to build a connecting path from the downtown area on the Evergreen Parkway side of the lake hopefully can begin in May, with late summer completion, he said.

"That's something the community has been looking forward to for a long time," said Robson.

Robson lauded the downtown partners for this project, which he called "a true grassroots effort."

EV Studios was the primary design team, with architect Dean Dalvit working pro bono, he noted.

"This is a very unique one for us," said Robson. "The district has no cash funding in this. The funds are totally through Great Outdoors Colorado grants.

"It's going to be a great project," said Robson. "It is a recreational and social connection with an aspect of economic development."


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