Who is leading our government?

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By Jim Rohrer

This article may sound like I’m bashing the President or taking political sides, which would violate my “View From the Middle” look at politics, but honestly, that’s not how it is intended.
I’m really picking on the voters and how we choose a Chief Executive. I analyzed each election since 1960 when television began having a major effect of who we select. My conclusion is that we select the person who we can best relate to as a person. Here are some examples: Kennedy certainly had more curb appeal than Nixon, Reagan more personable than McGovern or Carter, and Obama had more appeal to the average American than Governor Romney.  
Perhaps this is not the way we should be choosing someone to lead our government. In business, a chief executive is selected because of his or her resume’.  That is, their demonstrated ability to deliver positive results for the organization he or she is leading.  
Within the last few months the following government agencies have demonstrated a lack of appropriate management:
1. The State Department suffered the death of four employees because of inadequate security.
2. The Defense Department announced that sexual assaults are at a crisis level and the Air Force top sexual assault prevention officer has been charged with….sexual battery.
3. Under the leadership of the Department of Health & Human Services the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been called a train wreck by many of the chief supporters of the law.
4. Now the IRS is coming under fire for improper investigation of citizen groups with a non-administration political bias.
5.  The justice Department improperly obtained telephone records of members of the media
6.  The GSA, which is supposed to be the spending watchdog, was guilty of lavish internal spending.
So here’s my point. We voters knew that this president had no executive experience. His career has been as a professor, community organizer and legislator. He has never managed a large or even small organization, and it’s well known that he rarely ever holds staff meetings. He is a very smart guy, but has no record of being an effective organizational leader. He has no executive experience.
Let’s look forward to the next election with the idea that we hire a seasoned executive to lead our federal government rather than a seasoned politician.

Jim Rohrer of Evergreen is a business consultant and author of the bi-books “Improve Your Bottom Line — Develop MVPs Today” and “Never Lose Your Job — Become a More Valuable Player.” Jim’s belief is that common sense is becoming less common. (More about Jim at www.theloyaltypartners.com.)