Walgreens officially opens

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

Friday morning's opening of Evergreen's Walgreens was quite eventful for the store's first customers.

Kristi Leinen of Evergreen had the distinction of being the first shopper. She dashed into the store about 7:40 a.m. — 20 minutes before the store's scheduled opening time — to grab school supplies for her children.

"I didn't know if (Walgreens) would be open, but I was hoping," said Leinen, whose son Ashton, 13, is an eighth-grader and son Addison, 11, is a sixth-grader at Evergreen Middle School. "Walgreens was right on the way, and I was hoping it would be a quick stop before school."

Walgreens cashier Leona Homack of Dumont said Leinen was delighted that the store was open.

The store's second customer, Dave Stubbs of Evergreen, also stopped in before the posted 8 a.m. opening time.

"I drove by and noticed they were open," Stubbs said. "I came in for windshield washer fluid, but there are some great deals."

In all, three customers appeared at the store before 8 a.m.

Homack said the store opened Friday morning as soon as the employees saw Leinen in the parking lot. Homack said she was excited to be working in Walgreens on opening day.

"We've been working hard to stock shelves for the past two weeks," she said. "It was really good for those of us who are new to working at Walgreens because we know where everything is."

Walgreens is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, though it's likely that if you need something before 8 a.m., the store will open a bit early.