A timeless question: EHS boys come up with variety of clever ways to ask dates to prom

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

The word “prom” usually conjures images of beautifully dressed girls and formally dressed boys going to the dance that is a rite of passage for high school juniors and seniors.

For them, the road to prom started with asking that important question. Asking someone to prom has become a memorable moment for some EHS teens, who do everything from designing a scavenger hunt to getting the family dog involved.

EHS senior Bryce Spindel used an Easter-egg theme to ask his girlfriend, Megan O’Donnell, to prom.

As he tells it: “It was the night before Easter, and I knew Megan was coming over. I put 10 eggs in a bowl for her to dye and 10 for me. One of these eggs was very special. I had used a colorless crayon to write ‘prom’ that would only show up after she dyed the egg. The first egg she grabbed happened to be the one I had put the secret message on. She dyed that egg blue. When she saw the word ‘prom,’ her eyes lit up. She said, ‘Yes,’ and it was by far one of the most ‘egg’-citing Easters I have ever had.”

Bryce said the idea to hide the message on an Easter egg came to him while he was watching his dad dye eggs.

Junior Lia Morrow came home from soccer practice one day to find four large framed photographs on her bed. Each photo was from an adventure with her boyfriend, Kyle Amann.

One was of a sunset, another of a river, the third was a waterfall, and the fourth was rocks with wildflowers. Part of each photograph was a letter: P, R, O or M.

Lia plans to put the photographs on the wall of her bedroom to remind her of both their adventures together and of the special way he asked her to prom.

Senior Lane Hamilton enlisted the help of his dog, Odie, to ask his girlfriend, Kylee Russell, to prom. Lane took Odie to an Evergreen High School girls soccer game and attached a note to Odie’s collar that posed the big question.

Senior Adam Zuckerman looked to the stars to ask his friend, senior Claire Babb, to prom. He stuck glow-in-the-dark stars in the shape of the word “prom” to the ceiling of her room. When she turned off the lights, she saw the question.

“It was the most creative thing ever,” Claire said.

Adam said the idea came to him because he knew how much Claire liked stars.

Senior Noah Ansley sent his friend Katie Wilson on a scavenger hunt before he asked her to prom. Clues sent her to Buchanan Park, King Soopers, Menchie’s frozen yogurt and then home, where she was greeted by Noah’s friend Trent Tosetti, wearing a gorilla suit.

Trent was holding a sign that said, “Noah would go bananas if you would go to prom with him.”

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