Thrills, spills and snowfall: Winter Festival had it all

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By Sandy Barnes

As young skiers and snowboarders careened down the rail jam course Saturday, gray snow clouds were gathering over Evergreen Lake.

Despite chilly weather and afternoon snowfall, the second annual Winter Festival at Evergreen Lake drew large crowds who came for competitive events, ice skating and other fun activities.

In the morning, riders of all ages and skill levels competed in the ice bike race across the frozen lake, jumping over hay bales and other obstacles on the course.

“It was a lot better than last year,” said bicyclist Tom Carby, who came in second in the 30-minute competition. “It was better pack; you got better traction.”

“My bike end still slid some,” Carby added. “My first dismount, I thought I was done. … You have to stay focused and balanced over the bike.”

“It was a kick in the pants,” said Peter Lindquist, who placed third in the event.

Those who competed in the bike race used studded tires with low pressure for traction, keeping them stable over the course.

As the bicyclists made their way over the lake, families cheered them on. First-place winner Jess Swift’s young daughter Lucy greeted him after he finished the 45-minute event.

While bicyclists were racing across the lake, fishermen in the ice-fishing derby were trying their luck in another area where 100 holes had been cut for the competition.

The amateur rail jam later in the morning featured daring stunts by young competitors, some of whom crashed while soaring through the air.

Champion skier Walter Wood offered encouraging words while serving as announcer and judge for the event. An Evergreen native who is training for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Wood came back home to take part in the festival.

In a quiet section of the park, youngsters were creating snowmen of various shapes and sizes for the snowman walk competition. Cayla Stiller was helping her brother Jared make a miniature snowman to accompany her angel snow-woman.

Festival-goers had ample food selections from which to choose, including elk bratwurst and beer.

The Evergreen Park and Recreation District sponsored the festival, along with local businesses.

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2013 Winter Festival at Evergreen Lake

Ice Bike Results

Novice Division
1st – Steve Fisher
2nd –Tom Carby
3rd – Peter Lindquist

Advanced Division
1st – Jesse Swift
2nd – Mike Silverton
3 – Clay Harris

Women’s Division
1st – Stephanie Martin
2nd – Tracy Vickory

1st – Cayden Cecil
2nd – Reese Gibson

32 participants

Ice Fishing Derby Results

Adult Derby
1st – Jerry Buxton ($580 cash prize)

Kids Derby
1st – Gabriel Resendez (Won ice fishing gear from Eagle Claw)

The tournament was registered with the Walleye Foundation, which has an official scale.
58 adult, 84 kid participants

(Photos by Bobby Ericson, for sale at www.ericsonsphotography.com/fishingderby)

Rail Jam Results


Snowboard Male
1st – Joe Mango
2nd – Drew Hastings
3rd – Bo Althen

Snowboard Female
1st – Morgan Anderson
2nd – Abigail Notsch
3rd – (TIE) Courtney Cox and Nichole Kennedy

Ski Male
1st – Cody Potter
2nd -- Jeremy Brown
3rd – Christian Shackelford

Ski Female
1st – Alexis Keeney
2nd – Danyelle Hammett
3rd – N/A


Snowboard Male
1st – Colin Rodgers
2nd – Drew Hasting
3rd – Bo Althen

Ski Male
1st – Alec Stiller
2nd – EJ Rainville
3rd – Noah Amen

No female competitors