Term-limit questions on November ballot

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By AJ Vicens

Evergreen voters will weigh in on term-limit extensions for county elected officials and a new school board member on November's mail-in ballot.

The proposed term-limit extensions were driven primarily by District Attorney Scott Storey, who announced last spring that he'd like to seek a third term. Jeffco elected officials are allowed to serve only two consecutive terms, so Storey wants to ask voters if they will allow him and Sheriff Ted Mink to run for a third.

County Commissioner Kevin McCasky led the way in forcing Storey to back off the request unless every elected official could ask voters for the right to run for a third consecutive term.

The county commission voted to put the question on the November ballot for every county elected position besides the commissioners. A consensus was reached among the county's officials that including the commissioners in the ballot question would greatly reduce the probability voters would approve.

The issue is broken up into two questions. Question 1A asks voters if the Jeffco district attorney will be allowed to run for three consecutive terms, and Question 1B asks voters if the sheriff, assessor, clerk and recorder, treasurer, coroner and county surveyor will be able to do the same.