Tanglewoods taking a hiatus

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

Tanglewoods is closed ee for now

Tanglewoods restaurant in North Evergreen has shut its doors temporarily for a wedding and a short vacation by the owners, according to voice-mail and a sign on the restaurant’s door.

“Tanglewoods will be closed to celebrate Jeff and Sara’s wedding, and we are going to enjoy a short vacation, so to speak. See you in a couple of weeks,” says the message when you call the restaurant.

The restaurant has been closed for about 10 days, and there isn’t any definitive word on when it will reopen.

Need an exercise coach?

Are you interested in an exercise program but have no clue where to start? Then Well Bodies may be the perfect program for you.

Well Bodies provides personalized exercise planning for people with a variety of needs — from those who simply want to get healthy to those with physical issues, said Kelli Christensen, owner of the Evergreen-based company.

“My services are different than personal training,” said Christensen, 37, who moved to Evergreen in January. “I serve as a coach.”

She begins with an assessment of what the client is looking for in an exercise program.

For example, if the client has been diagnosed with diabetes, then an exercise regimen focusing more on aerobics with secondary emphasis on strength training and flexibility might be the ticket. For someone with osteoporosis, strength training might be a higher priority, with supplemental aerobics and flexibility work.

“I try to find out what they like to do (in terms of exercise) and what they have access to,” Christensen said. “Life has so many have-to’s in it. I want exercise programs to be fun and enjoyable for people, not just another have-to.”

Christensen modeled Well Bodies after the work she did at Northwestern Memorial’s Wellness Institute in Chicago, where she counseled patients who had been advised by their doctors they needed to exercise for health reasons.

Christensen is enjoying the change of scenery that Evergreen has to offer compared with her hometown of Chicago.

Find out more about Christensen’s services at www.wellbodies.com.

Another award for AGEISS

Evergreen boasts an environmental firm that just keeps winning technical writing awards from the Society of Technical Communication.

AGEISS Environmental Inc. just won its 12th APEX award in 11 years — this time for a report it prepared for the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment. This particular report looked at options to clean up soil and groundwater that had been contaminated with petroleum at the former Pease Air Force Base in New Hampshire.

The company, with headquarters in Bergen Park, has offices all over the country and an office in Japan, said Eileen Wheelock, business management assistant.

AGEISS, which opened in 1988, has won both regional and international competitions from the Society for Technical Communication for documents ranging from public brochures on environmental topics to complex environmental reports mandated by state and federal laws. The company works both for the government and for other companies, Wheelock said.

Evergreen Garden Center closes

Evergreen Garden Center in Kittredge has closed, effective this week.

The business' phone message does not provide any specifics, and the owners declined to discuss the closure with the Courier.

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