Stoneheart exhibit a good sign

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By Sara Miller

Have you ever fallen prey to (or perhaps used) the age-old pick-up line, “What’s your sign?” The signs of the zodiac have been used to predict the future of people’s lives for years. In the case of Evergreen citizens and visitors, these astrological symbols can predict the future of your Friday night — a trip to the hottest art auction in town at Stoneheart Gallery on Main Street in Evergreen. You’ll leave feeling happier than a hippie that you finally paid attention when someone asked, “What’s your sign?”

“What’s Your Sign?” is the latest one-woman show by Aurora artist Jennifer Yoswa at Stoneheart Gallery. For this show, Yoswa has created an original series of 12 paintings representing the 12 signs of the zodiac.
“Jennifer captures a peculiar sentiment in the eyes of her characters that is truly a revelation to the spirit of both the artist and the creation,” says Mark Anthony King, owner and director of Stoneheart Gallery. “Her paintings offer a glimpse of the artist herself living vicariously through her canvas. Jennifer’s paintings not only create a place for her to escape, but they offer us a reminder that we all need to escape from time to time.”
Yoswa began her zodiac series with a painting to represent her own sign, Gemini, and continued to encompass all 12 signs. Although the paintings are created in her signature style with pensive, stylistic faces, they are a departure from Yoswa’s “storybook” style. In most of her paintings, the figures are embroiled in the action of the scene — whether riding a rocking horse, floating over a city skyline or napping in a snow-covered meadow. In Yoswa’s zodiac series, the backgrounds become their own piece of art, styled to look like a tile mosaic or intricate stained-glass creation filled with vibrant colors and lively texture.
In a departure from his usual style of selling only original art, King has taken a new approach to “What’s Your Sign?”
“Friday night’s reception will have a silent auction format,” King says. “Attendees can bid on each of Jennifer’s original works. The bidding will be open for one week, at which time we will inform the 12 winners. Others may purchase prints of Jennifer’s work if they don’t win the bidding for the original work. This is the first time we’ve ever sold prints of an artist’s work,” say King.
The reception will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26, at Stoneheart Gallery. If bidders who purchase a print place a winning bid, the cost of the Yoswa print will be applied to the original work. The prints are matted to 16 by 20 inches and are the first prints ever made of a Yoswa painting. Buyers can frame the prints themselves or take advantage of Stoneheart’s new custom framing service.
In the coming months, Stoneheart plans to offer prints of works by several of the gallery’s artists. This is an opportunity to own work by Yoswa, Eldon Warren or Cynthia Reid. In the meantime, why not check the horoscopes for your lucky number, place a bid at Stoneheart and hope the stars are aligned in your favor? You can walk away with an innovative original that will always remind you of the answer to that age-old question, “What’s your sign?”
For more information about the reception, gallery show or custom framing services, visit www.stoneheartgallery.com or call 303-670-0565.

Sara Miller, a freelance writer and a resident of Evergreen, lives with her husband, two children and a dog.