StageDoor's 'Aladdin Jr.' takes audience on magic carpet ride

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By Sara Miller

Strains of “Arabian Nights” can be heard wafting through the foothills from StageDoor Theatre. Enter the theater, and your family will be transported to the royal palace in the kingdom of Agrabah. StageDoor’s upcoming production of "Aladdin Jr." will transport you to a land with glowing genies, real flying carpets and familiar songs that will take you to “A Whole New World.”
"Aladdin Jr." begins with Princess Jasmine (played by Erika Guth ) preparing to choose a husband. Against Jasmine’s wishes, her father the Sultan (played by Alex Wagner) insists that she pick from among three visiting princes. Jasmine’s selection is interrupted by a fleeing bread thief. Wandering among the crowd, a poor street urchin, Aladdin (played by Ben Powell), suddenly finds himself holding the stolen bread and pursued by royal guards. Amid the commotion, Jasmine adopts a disguise and seizes the opportunity to escape into the bustling marketplace, where she bumps into Aladdin (“One Jump Ahead”). The two instantly find kindred spirits in each other, but Aladdin is arrested by the royal guard.
Meanwhile, the show’s villian Jafar (played by Max Smaniotto) and his sidekick parrot Iago (played by Kate Gessert) secretly rewrite a law so that the Princess will have to marry the Sultan’s highest-ranking official — Jafar — if she fails to choose a husband within the time allotted. The royal dungeon is full, so the guards take Aladdin to one of Jafar’s caves on the outskirts of Agrabah.
In the cave, Aladdin finds an old lamp and rubs it, releasing Genie (played by Lara Keith), who helps his new master escape the cave on a magic carpet. Genie then grants the first of Aladdin’s three wishes by turning him into Prince Ali Ababwa, which Aladdin hopes will help him woo Jasmine.
Ultimately, Prince Ali gains Jasmine’s trust and invites her to ride the magic carpet. Aladdin uses his remaining wishes to stop the royal guards from interfering and free the Genie from the lamp. In typical Disney fashion, everyone lives happily ever after.
Audiences will love familiar Disney favorites like “A Friend in Me” and “Prince Ali” and “A Whole New World.” The five narrators (played by Antigone Biddle, Aubry Fowler, Kacie Johnson, Nicole Langford and McKenna Arent ) set the scenes and keep the action moving in this one-act show.
The cast of 30 middle school students presents a high-energy production filled with singing and dancing that is perfect for the whole family. The finely crafted sets will take attendees to Jafar’s cave and to the royal palace of Agrabah.
Young audience members will marvel as Aladdin leaps across building rooftops and is visited by a real flying carpet.
“This show is a fun production for all,” says director Nelson Conway. “Our cast is incredibly enthusiastic, and our parent volunteers have turned the theater into an Arabian Nights extravaganza.
"Maryjean Fowler, our choreographer, and Pam Wilcox, who is in charge of costumes, have helped make the production top notch.”

'Aladdin Jr.'
Presented by StageDoor Theatre from March 2-10; Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Saturday matinees at 3 p.m.
Tickets: $10 to $12
StageDoor Theatre, 25797 Conifer Road in Conifer
For more information or to order tickets, call 303-886-2819 or visit www

Sara Miller, a freelance writer and a resident of Evergreen, lives with her husband, two children and a dog.