Sheriff's Office urges caution in wake of car break-ins

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Items taken from seven vehicles in Evergreen on May 2

By Sandy Barnes

Purses, wallets and other items were taken from seven locked vehicles that were broken into in Evergreen on May 2, said Jeffco sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Kelley.

The thefts from vehicles occurred between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. in areas between Bergen Park and Evergreen Lake, Kelley said. Incidents took place at Dedisse and Stagecoach parks, as well as other locations.

"The victims left property in plain view," Kelley said. "People need to put property in the trunk of the car."

There are not many incidents involving thefts from trunks, she said. Instead, items left in plain view or under car seats are typically taken from vehicles, Kelley said.

"There is a possibility that bad guys are watching victims," added sheriff's spokesman Mark Techmeyer.

If a person places her purse under the seat of the car, it could be observed, he said.

Before leaving home to go on a hike, it is a good idea to put valuables in the trunk of the car, Techmeyer said. Another option for hikers who do not have trunks in their vehicles is to carry a driver's license with them rather than leave wallets and other items in open view in a vehicle.

"This is an avoidable crime," Kelley said.