Several of candidate's credentials confirmed

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By Sandy Barnes

Fire board recall candidate Jodi Kesten says that information on the recall committee website about her experience with the Long Beach Fire Department and work history in Evergreen is valid, and independent checks confirm several of those resume entries.

Members of the no-recall committee have questioned Kesten’s credentials as a volunteer firefighter and her past employment with the Life Care Center and the Seniors’ Resource Center in Evergreen.

The human resources director of the Life Care Center has confirmed that Kesten was employed at the facility from December 1996 until April 1997. Kesten’s last name was Shames during the time she worked at the center.

Jane Weinberger, director of the Evergreen Seniors’ Resource Center, said she could neither confirm nor deny Kesten’s employment at that facility because of the difficulty of researching records. The human resource director at the Denver SRC office said that records were kept only from mid-1996, and could not find one for Kesten.

Weinberger previously told the Canyon Courier that Kesten did not work at the SRC.

No-recall committee members have also challenged Kesten’s experience as a volunteer firefighter.

However, in a phone interview Saturday, Kesten restated that she served as a volunteer EMT and firefighter for six years with the New York department. Her last name was Shames-Newhouse at the time, according to an identification card that appears with her biographical information on the recall committee website. Another credential on the website shows that in 1993 Kesten completed Essentials of Firefighter training with the Nassau County Fire Service Academy while with the Long Beach Fire Department.

The captain of the Long Beach Fire Department did not return calls from the Canyon Courier about Kesten's volunteer service with the agency in the early 1990s.


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