'Seasons of Evergreen’ offers present-day look at mountain community

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By Sandy Barnes

Evergreen friends David Cuin and Ann Hopper Vickstrom have collaborated to create “Seasons of Evergreen,” a book that offers a present-day glimpse of their community.

“We deliberately placed this as Evergreen now,” Vickstrom said.

In writing the book with Cuin, Vickstrom said they focused on making it a personal reflection. Newcomers, longtime residents and visitors can use “Seasons of Evergreen” as a reference, she said.

“We hope it will help in their exploration and understanding of the area, and perhaps prove to be a useful source of information about living in Evergreen,” she said.

Vickstrom said she and Cuin decided to reflect Evergreen at different times of the year to show it is not a one-season town.

“Evergreen really is a wonderful and beautiful place to be in any season,” Vickstrom says in the introduction to the book.

In researching material for the book, Vickstrom said she and Cuin worked hard to verify information. People in the community were helpful, she added.

“No one shut us down,” Vickstrom said.

Cuin took many of the scenic photos in the book, which include events such as the Evergreen Lake Plunge on New Year’s Day and the Evergreen Rodeo. Others were contributed by local photographers including Ellen Nelson and Carolyn Alexander, and by Steve Sumner of the Center for the Arts Evergreen.

Creating the book was “really great fun,” said Vickstrom. “We both learned a lot of history.”

Evergreen author Barbara Sternberg offered her support for the project, Vickstrom said.

“Seasons of Evergreen” can complement Sternberg’s book, “Evergreen, Our Mountain Community,” a historical account of the town, Cuin noted.

The book has an open feeling that leads people to surrounding areas, Vickstrom remarked.

“We also took people to Mount Evans,” she said.

Evergreen residents also are featured in the book.

“What is by far the most special aspect of Evergreen is its people. There are many who have lived in Evergreen but … have left for lengths of time, only to return to find the same smiling greeting at the grocery store, the wave from across the street, or the hug at one of the many community events, because, once embraced by Evergreen, you are always a part of Evergreen,” state the authors.

“Seasons of Evergreen” can be found at HearthFire Books and Evergreen Crafters, as well as other locations in town. The book also can be purchased through Cuin’s website at www.davidcuinart.com. A launch for the book will take place at HearthFire Books, 1254 Bergen Parkway, on May 3 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Vickstrom and Cuin are planning to donate a percentage of profit from the book to charitable organizations in the community.

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