School district weighs putting tax hike on November ballot issue

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By Matt Gunn

Jeffco Public Schools is in early discussions regarding a possible bond issue and tax increase on the November ballot.

Superintendent Cindy Stevenson said the district has begun talking about the idea of a bond and mill levy with its staff and the public. The decision ultimately lies with the school board, which has until August or September to move forward.

“I would say there’s a likelihood we will, but the decision has to be formalized by the Board of Education,” Stevenson said.

Jeffco Public Schools had a successful bond election in 2004, which provided the district with $323.8 million in revenue for building, renovating and repairing school facilities. It was the first such funding increase since 1999 for the district, and included a list of 440 capital improvement projects within a six-year timeline.

A bond election in November could provide more money for school renovations, while a mill levy would prevent district cuts.

“After 2009, in the three years from 2009 to 2012, we’re looking at more than 20 percent of reductions,” Stevenson said.

It is still early in the discussion process, however, and there is no target on a projected amount.

“We’re talking about it, and talking to the community,” Stevenson said.

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