Saying a final goodbye to my twenties

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By Dan Johnson

When I wake up this morning, I’ll be a new man.

I won’t be a 20-something anymore. I will be 30.

Admittedly, it’s still a little strange seeing that in print. I feel like I’ve been in my twenties forever, so, moving into a new chapter of my life will take a little time to adjust to.

As I take time to look back, I can see that my twenties were filled with many big moments in my life.

Here’s just a few:

• I graduated from Florida State University, a school that while living in Upstate New York, always was a fan of but never believed I’d actually attend. It truly was living out a dream being able to step foot on that campus — and be in attendance for some great college football games.

• I got married to a great woman. My wife, Lauren, has been my rock through some difficult times, most notably my panic attacks. She’s also my best friend. When you factor in dating, we’ve been together 10 years. A long time for some, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of our time together and know that our next 10 years and beyond will be filled with many great memories.

• Bought our first house. Being renters for so long, you start to lose sight of the American dream of home ownership. But, this past August, we finally found a great house for a great price. And, while the work has been daunting at times (if I see another paintbrush, I’ll snap!), it’s also been a blast living in our own space.

• Moved to Colorado. In a few weeks, it’ll have been five years since Lauren and I departed from Tallahassee, Fla. to Littleton. I still remember going through the interview process here at Evergreen Newspapers (the reason for the move) and wondering if I was making the right move, as I’d never stepped foot in the state before. Five years later, I’m more than glad I took a chance.

• There’s other little moments like Syracuse winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship and the New York Giants winning Super Bowl XLII that also stand out.

Goodbye, twenties, you were a blast.