Salon owner ‘walks her talk’ with healthy products, services

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By Pamela Lawson

For Sandy Klein, who opened Sandy’s Organic Salon this summer in Marshdale, nothing is more important than living a healthy lifestyle.

In her personal life, she uses a juicer to extract the fiber from fruits and vegetables for a drink filled with a potent level of nutrients. At her salon, she features natural products for hair care, skin and nails.

“I believe what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it,” Klein said. “The skin is the largest organ in the body.”

Klein believes she has a niche that serves people who prefer to avoid beauty products that contain too many chemicals.

“The hair care business is almost as toxic as working in a chemical plant,” she said. “People don’t realize that when you are using these (products) with all the toxic ingredients — hairsprays, your color lines, anything like a volumizing perm line — they are all very harsh ingredients.”

Besides being a cosmologist, Klein also works with essential oils, is a Reiki master, a natural health care practitioner and is working to complete her naturopathic certification.

“I haven’t worn perfumes in I don’t know how many years,” she said. “We all have a natural scent. I did research on it years ago and (learned) that’s how people were attracted to one another.”

But she does value essential oils that are extracted from plants, she said.

“Essential oils work on all levels of the body — on the emotions, the spiritual, physical, the mental,” she said. “They have a frequency, and our bodies work on frequencies.”

The 57-year-old has championed a “natural” way of life since she was in her early 20s and living in northern Kentucky. It was then that she developed digestive problems and began exploring books that addressed the inter workings of the stomach and its relation to stress or emotions.

When pills prescribed by doctors proved ineffective, she took things into her own hands. Over the years, while raising three daughters, she accumulated a wealth of healthy tips and techniques. For a time, she shared those techniques with people who suffered from cancer and other illnesses.

“I am a juicer, and it works — when you put better things in your body, your body works better,” Klein said. “I have worked with people that look like (starving) Ethiopians, and after a few weeks they look better, and after a couple of months they are back to new again.”

Admittedly, the process takes work, and there are no “magic bullets,” she said.

Klein’s former husband had two careers in the medical field, as a pharmacist and anesthesiologist, and she observed how people often expected doctors to heal them, rather than learning to heal themselves.

“It was kind of a double-whammy to be with me. I am anti-drug,” Klein said of her former husband. “(But) we still have a good relationship. He still calls on occasion and says, ‘This is what’s going on (with my health) now — what do I do?’ ”

Klein moved to Colorado in early 2007. She had vacationed here for years and hoped one day to live here. When she was offered a chance to open a spa at a Denver hotel, she followed her heart. The spa became a reality, but she grew tired of the stresses of managing the business and staff.

From there she moved to Pine, where she could better enjoy mountain living, and she heard about an empty office space for rent in the Marshdale business complex.

The space is located next to a market that offers organic products and fair-trade items, and it felt like a good fit.

Peg Fennimore, owner of Spirit Wind Galleries, another nearby business, introduced Klein to the center. And Fennimore has since experienced her salon services.

“She lives the organic life. This is not just something she does in her salon — she truly walks her talk,” Fennimore said of Klein. “She is personable, very concerned about her clients — how they live, how they feel; what products are out there for hair and skin.”

Klein also offers facials, makeup applications and consultations, and waxing and tinting.

Klein makes men and women look “beautiful, wonderful, handsome,” Fennimore said, noting: “I haven’t heard one complaint — not one.”

Klein’s product lines cost more because they are natural, but her prices do not reflect it, she said. Haircuts are $30 and all-over colors start at $60. Manicures and pedicures start at $20 and $30. And she hopes to soon offer seminars about her healthy-living approach.

Klein is merely doing her part, she believes, to educate people on better ways to care for themselves, to take responsibility for their own health, whether that means using her organic hair and skin products or daily “juicing.”

Living a long life isn’t the most important thing to Klein, but living a “quality” life is.

“For me it is like breathing. It’s like brushing my teeth and washing my face — it’s part of who I am,” Klein said. “It’s natural and normal. I don’t think twice about it.”

More info …

Sandy’s Organic Salon is at 6949 Highway 73 in Marshdale. Salon hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Klein opens at irregular hours by appointment.) The salon is closed Sunday and Monday.

Starting the first week of January, Klein will be teaching classes called New Year New You. A different healthy-lifestyles class will be offered each Thursday for six weeks from 7 to 9 p.m.

For more information, call 303-674-3414.