Resident protests county approval of private motocross track

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By Sandy Barnes

Golden resident Jerolyn Mickels owns vacation rental property on Blue Ridge Road near Genesee, which she says is a significant source of income for her.

However, since her neighbor Brian Wolniak installed a motocross track on adjoining property, Mickels said, her tenants have been disturbed by the sounds of motorcycles and four-wheelers.

Mickels said she does not believe the Jefferson County Planning Division should have granted Wolniak a permit for the track. In October she took the matter to the county Board of Adjustment for review. However, the board members supported the decision to allow the motocross track.

“It’s a mess,” she said. “I could not get anyone to understand this.”

After reviewing the case, Jeffco Planning Administrator Mike Chadwick made the decision to allow the track on Wolniak’s property, which is zoned Agricultural-2. Because the track is for private use rather than commercial, it can be allowed with a miscellaneous permit, he said.

Wolniak originally was allowed to build the track without a permit. However, after learning that Wolniak was installing jumps, Chadwick said he required a permit to establish appropriate setbacks from Mickels’ property.

In addition to noise from the vehicles, there is also soil runoff from Wolniak’s 10-acre property, which is flowing into a pond on her land, Mickels said.

The county is requiring Wolniak to get a grading permit, and has cited him for past grading violations, Chadwick said. The Jeffco county attorney’s office also has brought a suit against Wolniak for grading violations.

Wolniak initially said that less than an acre of his land was being graded for the track, an amount for which he did not need a permit. However, more than an acre was later graded on his property, according to county records.

Chadwick also said Mickels’ complaint about noise is not within the jurisdiction of the planning department, but rather a matter for the Sheriff’s Office to handle through county ordinance.

However, Mickels believes that Jeffco Planning should assume responsibility for the disturbances created by the track.

“It’s my income. It’s my life,” she said of her rental property.

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