Repairs under way on flood-damaged lot downtown

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By Stephanie DeCamp

It might be just a parking lot to some, but it’s a lot more than that to downtown Evergreen — and it should be as good as new by the end of the summer.

The retaining wall in the triangular lot across from the CenturyLink building, undermined when Bear Creek flooded last September, has been removed, said Jeff Bradley of Evergreen National Bank, which is paying for the repairs.

“I got the old stuff gone. Now, I’ve got to put the new stuff in,” he said.

Next, utilities that run along the parking lot and near Bear Creek will be repaired, including electrical lines, phone cable, and exposed sewer pipes, said Dean Dalvit, president of the Downtown Evergreen Economic District.

The final step will be paving the lot, which occupies an area owned by both the bank and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

CDOT plans to pave Highway 74 through downtown Evergreen this summer, said Steve Harrelson, CDOT’s regional manager and, along with it, its portion of the parking lot. He hopes CDOT can work out a deal with the bank so the entire lot is paved.

“Usually we try to avoid just paving through half of an area or parking lot,” he said. “When you have a lot that is half in and half out (of ownership areas) like that, it’s difficult to pave just one segment.”

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