Rec district phone numbers have changed

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

All of the phone numbers for the Evergreen Park and Recreation District — including for the recreation centers — have changed.

The new numbers are:

• District office — 720-880-1000

• Buchanan Park Recreation Center — 720-880-1100

• Wulf Recreation Center — 720-880-1200

• Evergreen Lake House — 720-880-1300

The change in numbers is part of the district’s master plan process, according to executive director John P. Skeel. The $50,000 system integrates the district’s Internet and phones into a single system. It has unlimited voice mail so messages don’t get cut off.

“As part of the whole process, we had an opportunity to get new phone numbers as well,” Skeel said. “We purchased a bank of numbers so we can have sequential numbering.”

He said once people become familiar with the new numbers, they’ll find the numbers more convenient to use.

Phone numbers for buildings and program supervisors can be found at the district’s website, www.evergreenrecreation.com.