Rally to Restore Sanity comes to Evergreen

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Over a cup of joe a few weeks ago, three women set out to bring some sanity to Evergreen. Jon Stewart, Comedy Central's host of “The Daily Show,” hosted the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 30, and Katharine Hahn, Suzi Hoffer and Gail Montgomery felt that Evergreen should do the same. Political ads full of venom, conversations leading to screaming matches, and accusations laced with hatred all spoke to a need for a rally.

The women created a Facebook page, called, e-mailed and papered the community of Evergreen and beyond with posters, and hoped that others felt as they did.

Approximately 120 people showed up to the peaceful non-partisan rally on the morning of Oct. 30.

"I like nuts in my cookies, NOT in my politics!", "Listen, THINK, Speak … Repeat" and "Honk for SANITY!" were just some of the opinions shared on hand-painted signs.

Local resident Bob Magnani first shared some personal sentiment, and then the crowd walked all around Bergen Park. Stops on Evergreen Parkway elicited honks and support from cars passing by.