Q&A with HD25 candidate Jack Woehr

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By Vicky Gits

How much money have you raised from donors?

$0, as my reports to the secretary of state show, which are online at http://www.sos.state.co.us.


How much from your own resources?

$0 ... It's not fun raising money, and I see no reason why a candidate can't walk to office without it. I've run five times, and people kinda know I 'm there at this point fighting for their civil rights and against the rise of authoritarian government in Colorado.


What should be the role of state government?

Limited and unique state by state, the "50 laboratories of democracy" view.


What is your position on the immigration issue?

The U.S. government created this problem by not dealing with the economic realities of the transnational economy, which the U.S. government helped create. It must be solved at the federal level.

What is the highest-priority transportation need and how should the state be addressing it?

I think the state's screw-up of FasTracks and the millions of dollars of overruns before they have laid a track show what the state should do: butt out.

What is the role of mass transportation in the future of the state?

Depends entirely on the price of oil.

What should be the role of the state in managing water resources for the future?

The state should try to keep control of the resources; California and Arizona are trying to "renegotiate" decades-old compacts ("renegotiate" equals "steal more water").


What is your opinion on the merits, if any, of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights?

It's kept Colorado from going billions in debt and going bankrupt like California is.


How do you feel about Gov. Ritter’s plan to take oil and gas tax money and pay for college scholarships?

I think Gov. Ritter thinks there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and he's just looking for the leprechaun.

Does the state need to raise taxes to give more to higher education or education in general?

The state needs to lower prison spending to spend more on education.

What is Amendment 59 and how will it cost the public if it is passed?

It's a death blow for TABOR and will lead us on the road to unlimited taxation and spending which has bankrupted California.