Pulling in the barrel

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Firefighters recover cylinder from lake in annual contest

By Sandy Barnes

 Dressed in bright red wetsuits, Evergreen firefighters Rob Dodge and Dave Skerda ventured over thin ice to retrieve the Mountain Foothills Rotary Club's ice-melt barrel on Evergreen Lake last Thursday afternoon. 


The barrel's platform was frozen into the ice, making its recovery more difficult than Dodge and Skerda had anticipated. After hacking away for a while, they loosened the large blue cylinder and hauled it to the edge of the lake, with help from others pulling an attached rope.

Dodge and Skerda were attached to ropes as well, in case they also needed retrieval from the freezing water.

The barrel had been sitting on the ice since Jan. 2 for the annual Ice Melt Contest fund-raiser to guess the time it would drop. On April 8 at 4:56 p.m., it had descended to the point where official time was called and winners declared.

First-place winner was David Singer of Evergreen, who received a $1,000 prize. Second-place winner John Ellis of Evergreen received $500, and third-place winner John Lange of Golden was awarded $250. Robert “Rylen” Billings of North Barrington, Ill., received $125 in the contest.

The ice-melt barrel fund-raiser generated $15,000,  which will be donated to the Special Needs Program of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District and to Evergreen Christian Outreach.