Poms put together another solid season

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By Dan Johnson

The Evergreen Poms have come to learn a valuable lesson: The more work you put in, the more you will be rewarded.

The Poms certainly worked hard this past season, slaving away over routines every day - except for Sunday - up to 30 hours a week.

In addition to the dance work, the Poms spent a couple of days with personal trainer Michelle Prouty, who helped the girls build core strength and muscle endurance.

“I think working with a trainer is something that has really made us a better team,” Cali Forbes said. “We may not always want to do the workouts, but we know the other girls are counting on us and we all help each other push through.”

The reward for all that hard work?

The Poms narrowly missed out on a Class 4A State Spirit Championship, placing second, and qualified for Nationals for the 16th straight year, where they achieved their best finish in history, placing eighth.

“We had a great season,” Victoria Blackstock said. “Everyone gave 100 percent at every practice and every competition.”

With the competitions over, the Poms are now in their “off-season,” which really, isn’t much of a break.

Up until a week ago, they were still performing routines at the Evergreen home basketball games.

Now, with basketball season over, they are preparing for the upcoming Poms tryouts.

After tryouts comes the rigorous summer months. This is where the foundation for the next season is constructed.

“We go to a camp every year and at the end of the camp there’s a competition where you get to qualify for Nationals,” Michaela Molleur said. “We don’t get to relax much during the summer just because school is out.”

The work may be tough, but the Poms team is certainly reaping the rewards.