Photographer's wanderlust led him to Colorado's beauty

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By Sara Miller

Many artists, photographers in particular, suffer from wanderlust. They can be seen perching with their tripods on the stone walls of Santorini or lugging their camera equipment through the rivers of Katmai, Alaska.

Josh Trefethen is no different. However, his wanderlust and desire to capture natural beauty on film led him to Evergreen.
Trefethen grew up in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and spent his childhood exploring the rugged Olympic peninsula. Trefethen took his first photographs on family camping trips using a hand-crank camera. Trefethen studied photography in high school and college and spent many hours in the darkroom in working to capture the perfect light and colors as he saw them in his mind’s eye.
As an adult, Trefethen and has wife settled near family in Texas. The Trefethens traveled extensively to places like Greece, Italy, Chile and New Zealand.
“I finally realized that I wanted to be able to do more photography and not get on a plane every time. We wanted to be here in the mountains, where I could be surrounded by the natural beauty I love to photograph. I wanted to be able to photography in my own backyard,” says Trefethen.
Since moving to Colorado in August 2012, Trefethen has taken full advantage of the photographic fodder around him. He can be seen running barefoot from his house, camera in hand, to capture an elusive lynx slinking through his snowy backyard, or visiting a friend's house to witness fox kits emerging from their spring den to explore the world.
When Trefethen isn’t braving the Mount Evans Road in the dark to photograph the stunning light shows of the Milky Way, he is hard at work at Lockheed Martin. Trefethen is a systems engineer for the aerospace and technology company.
“I use my left brain doing very logical things for my day job,” says Trefethen. “My photography is my creative release allowing me to use my right brain.”
This right brain-left brain combination has helped to produce some award-winning work for Trefethen. Not only has he won Best in Show at numerous juried fine art exhibitions, but his work has been featured in Barnes & Noble calendars on Greece, Italy and Alaska sold all over the world. Recently the travel company Expedia licensed his image of Santorini to represent its travel tour to the Greek island.
Trefethen has become integrally involved in Colorado's artistic community. Trefethen is currently the featured artist at the Main Street Fine Art Gallery in downtown Evergreen. His work will be on display through Sept. 22. Trefethen has also become the gallery manager of Main Street Fine Art.
“As the gallery manager, I’m working to bring in some new artists. We are specifically looking for jewelers and three-dimensional artists such as sculptors,” says Trefethen.
Artists interested in having their work considered by the EAA jury committee may bring their work to Main Street Fine Art Gallery at 10 a.m. Monday, Sept. 23. The jury committee will meet to consider all new artwork at that time.
Trefethen helped organize an Evergreen Artists Association show that will expose local artists to a broader community of art appreciators in Denver. On Oct. 4, the association will open its juried member show “EAA on Santa Fe.”  
“We arranged for a gallery space at Alpine Fine Art Center on Santa Fe Drive, next door to John Fielder’s gallery. The month of October will be an exciting time for our members to show their work to the Denver art community,” says Trefethen.
The submission deadline for the EAA on Santa Fe show is Sunday, Sept. 29. All work will be juried, and you must be an EAA member to be considered.
A closing reception for Trefethen’s show will take place on Friday, Sept. 20, from 5 to 8 p.m. The reception will occur simultaneously with the Open Door Studios opening reception across the street at Evergreen National Bank. Trefethen’s work will be on display through Sunday, Sept. 22, at the Main Street Fine Art Gallery. For more information on Trefethen’s work, visit www.joshtrefethen.com.
The Main Street Fine Art Gallery is a cooperative gallery featuring EAA member work. The gallery hosts a feature artist each month and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. For more information, visit www.eaamainstreetgallery.com or www.evergreenartists.org.