Photographer wants to tell the stories of Evergreen’s women

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

A local portrait photographer wants Evergreen women to meet one another in a unique way.

Katy Moses has begun what she calls the Evergreen Women Project. During the Open Door Studios tour last weekend, she began photographing Evergreen women and collecting information so she can tell their stories on her website, EvergreenWomen.com.

She is asking the women what brought them to Evergreen and about their lives.

She said the Open Door Studios tour — which opens the studios of area artists to the public — was a great way to start the project as people wandered into her studio on Bryant Drive. Over the weekend she photographed 25 women for the project.

Open Door Studios is in its 14th year as a self-guided tour of the studios of artists in and around Evergreen. Art lovers can meet the artists and see where they create their art.

“There’s nothing in particular that inspired (the project),” said Moses, who has lived in Evergreen for 12 years. “I’m from New York, where you run into people you know on the street. In the Midwest, you know your neighbors. Here, the way our neighborhoods are, you don’t always know your neighbors.”

She said that as she has met women here, she found they have great stories about how they came to Evergreen, and they’ve done interesting things in their lives.

“There are really great artists, people who run cool businesses or travel to exotic places,” Moses said. “I thought it would be really cool to tell their stories — both the big and the little stories.”

She said starting the project as part of Open Door Studios allowed her location to be more interactive.

“The women are not just observers at my studio,” she said. “They are active participants.”

The first Evergreen resident to take part in the Evergreen Women Project was Jackie Weaver, the enrollment secretary at Wilmot Elementary School. Weaver knew Moses from helping her with marketing for Cowork Evergreen, which Moses also helps facilitate.

Weaver, who told a fun fact about her life — that she was born in Japan — said she was excited about the project.

“I think it is a fabulous project,” Weaver said. “I’m happy she’s finally starting it. She’s talked about it for a long time.”

Laura Brandenburg, who has hosted a workshop at Cowork Evergreen, said she was interested in the project because while people move to Evergreen for privacy, eventually they want to connect with their neighbors.

Becca Orsund said she was interested in learning the names and backgrounds of women she sees around Evergreen.

“There are a lot of really interesting women who have made Evergreen their home,” she said.

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