Park district helps with E. coli investigation

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By The Staff

The Evergreen Park and Recreation District has worked directly with the Jeffco health department in investigating an outbreak of E. coli infections among children in the Evergreen area.

The outbreak has been linked to local elk herd, and the herds being tested were observed at private homes, private open space and public property.

The district offered to assist the health department, and in addition to locating herds to sample, provided records of at least four occasions when the district had removed elk droppings from sports fields.

The health department has counseled sports league coordinators on methods to protect children, including hand washing, avoidance of food on the fields and related precautions.

The health department has suggested signage promoting hand washing. With this fall’s season over on the fields, signage is being prepared for the fields before next season.

Further investigations continue and may lead to additional recommendations from the health department.

The district has canceled no events.