Park district goes forward with plan for operations building

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By Vicky Gits

The resolution comes with a stipulation that the $125,000 expense is considered a loan that must be paid back by March 1, 2010, as part of next year’s capital improvements.

Park officials hope that if the work begins this fall, they will have at least a bare-bones shelter on a cement slab enclosed by February, so park workers can make vehicle repairs indoors.

The building is expected to cost about $250,000, or $100,000 more than originally planned. It will be located on land the district owns in Buchanan Park behind the administration building.

The Jefferson County Open Space Joint Venture Fund is contributing $60,000 in grant money.

The Evergreen Park and Recreation District held its regular meeting on Sept. 29 at the Buchanan Recreation Center. All five board members were present: Allan Casey, Kit Darrow, Janet Heck Doyle, Peter Eggers and Roger Hoaglund by telephone.

Despite a fee increase, revenues from memberships and admission fees have declined slightly in the first eight months of 2009, based on the budget, but are still more than what came in last year.

“It was an overly aggressive budget estimate, and the economy really cut into it,” said John Skeel, executive director.

The park district made more than expected on boating (up $7,000), ballet, gymnastics and aquatic programs (up $15,000), but day camp and flag football revenue were $18,000 below projections.

Admissions and memberships at Buchanan Recreation Center were $24,000 less than projected, partially because of pool repairs. Admissions and memberships at Wulf Recreation were $8,000 more than projected.

The board briefly debated the idea of using money the park district has acquired from developer contributions mandated by state Senate Bill 35, but ultimately voted to borrow the money from an emergency fund.

All of the board members supported the park operations building.

“I think the preliminary work (on the maintenance building) is something we need to do,” said board member Doyle.

“The idea of those guys working outside another winter isn’t very appealing,” Darrow said.

After a lengthy discussion, President Allan Casey finally broke the discussion logjam by proposing the board declare an “emergency” and use part of the emergency reserve. “If we think their safety and well being is so important — all we want to do is pay ourselves back at a later date,” Casey said.

The board passed three resolutions. The first was to borrow $125,000 from the district emergency reserve on a short-term basis. The second was to make the loan due by March 1. Third was to approve awarding a contract to bidder Cassidy Inc. for $110,190 to build the first phase of the park operations maintenance facility. (Cassidy’s total bid was $210,000). Engineering and architecture are expected to be about $19,000, and water and sewer taps about $22,000.

Tax revenues from the county typically come in about March 1.

Special meeting on Oct. 8

The park and recreation department will hold a work session on the 2010 budget Oct. 8. to talk about the budget and the 2010 wage and salary plan.

Arts center study results to be unveiled Oct. 20 at work session

The results of a study exploring the costs and benefits of a combination arts center/community center in Buchanan Park will be unveiled at a board work session Oct. 20, at Buchanan Rec Center.

The meeting is open to the public. The park district commissioned the study by Economic Planning Systems Inc. of Denver .

The study was jointly funded by the park district ($25,000) and the Center for the Arts Evergreen ($12,500). Both boards of directors will be present, and public comment will be taken.

Regular meeting Oct. 27

The regular monthly meeting of the board of directors will be 6 p.m. Oct. 27 at Wulf Recreation Center.

Progress on Wulf Rec Center weight room

The remodel of the weight room is expected to be complete by the first week in November.