Park district candidate is former fitness center executive, bodybuilder

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By Sandy Barnes

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of profiles of the five candidates running for three seats on the Evergreen Park and Recreation District board.

As a candidate for the board of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District, Tim Kimber says he can offer his experience as a former executive of a national fitness enterprise. He is among five candidates seeking three seats up for election on May 6.

“With my business background and passion for fitness and health, I could bring some good things to the board,” Kimber said.

A former bodybuilder, Kimber served as vice president and co-owner of Gold’s Gym Enterprises for more than 20 years. He managed daily operations and more than 100 employees at the corporate office of Gold’s Gym in California.

Kimber also is familiar with the operation of the Buchanan Recreation Center, where he has worked out regularly since moving to Evergreen with his family two years ago.

Although he believes the park district is well-managed, Kimber said he would like to see greater efficiency of operation, and perhaps an expansion of the gym at Buchanan because of it high level of use.

“I don’t want to come in and rock the boat,” he said. “I think Scott (Robson) and his staff do an amazing job.”

Kimber also said he is impressed with the master plan for the park district, which he says is quite comprehensive.

“From what I see, they have an incredible plan,” he said.

Kimber has been involved in health and fitness since he was a teenager in Rochester, N.Y. While in high school, Kimber said, he began bodybuilding to increase his confidence. Kimber won the Mr. Empire State bodybuilding championship in 1978.

Kimber initially trained and worked at the Eastman Kodak plant in Rochester where his parents were employed. However, he soon moved into the field of health and fitness after accepting an offer to invest in Gold’s Gym.

While managing the gym in Los Angeles, Kimber said he had the opportunity to help many people, including celebrities who trained there. Actress Brooke Shields and actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger were among those who came to the high-profile gym, Kimber said.

Kimber also has worked as an actor, having been selected to appear in the TV movie “The Hustler of Muscle Beach” by a producer who came to his gym. He has also served as a music writer and producer for films and has co-authored books on fitness and bodybuilding.

Although he was initially hesitant about moving from Los Angeles to Evergreen, Kimber has found many positive things about living here. The people are polite and friendly, he said. And Kimber said he enjoys seeing the abundant wildlife in the area.

“I have been extremely fortunate to have been part of some amazing journeys, and I look forward to adding some new ones,” said Kimber.

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