Park board candidate would like to increase facility hours, services for residents

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By Sandy Barnes

Evergreen resident Monty Estis says he would like to contribute his combined experience in recreation and financial management as a board member of the Evergreen Park and Recreation District.

A systems analyst in the IT area who actively participates in recreational activities, Estis is vying for one of three open seats on the park district board in the May 6 election.

Although he says park district staff are doing an adequate job of managing the district, Estis sees room for improvement. 

At Evergreen Lake Park, Estis says, he would like to see shorter lines for boat rentals in the summer months by increasing staff at the facility.

Estis also thinks it would be beneficial to increase hours for programs at district recreation centers to give users more opportunities for participation — especially on evenings and weekends. 

And he questions the placement of new bleachers at Wulf Rec Center, which he said cost the district $30,000 and eliminated a pickleball court.

“I think we could have spent less and come up with a better plan,” he said.

Estis also would like to see walleyball and racquet ball courts at the rec centers. Programs that are currently offered, such as volleyball and pickleball, could be made available on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, he added.

Before making changes to park district programs and hours, Estis said, he would like to get input from residents.

“First of all, I think it’s up to the community,” he said. 

In talking with people in the district, Estis said, he has heard comments about their not getting replies to suggestions placed in designated boxes at facilities. 

“I think it would be better if we were soliciting input and giving (residents) some feedback,” he said.

A place to make comments on the EPRD website might be beneficial, Estis remarked.

While addressing parking issues at Evergreen Lake Park, Estis said holding fewer events at the lake could help. Park district staff has decided to move some events this year from the lake to Buchanan Park.

Estis also would like to see the park district take over management of the golf course, which Denver Parks and Recreation now operates, should the opportunity arise.

Estis is a gymnastics instructor who enjoys many other recreational activities, including biking, hiking, skiing and volleyball. He also has served on the board of a homeowner association. He has lived in Evergreen for the past two years after relocating from Denver.

“I’m not seeking this position for a political foothold,” Estis said. “I’m purely interested in recreation and want to help with that.”

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