Park and rec candidate Brett Champine

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By Vicky Gits

Brett Champine


American Family Insurance agent

Experience on nonprofit boards

Christ the King Church, finance board

Educational background

University of Colorado at Boulder, business/real estate

Family information

Married, two kids

Age: 46

Length of residence in Evergreen/neighborhood you live in

The Island, five years, Evergreen for 15 years

Why you are running for the park board?

I have kids that play sports up here. My son paid $180 to play six games of basketball. I think it’s absurd to pay that kind of money to use the facilities. It should be free … the fees are too expensive. I like the ideas of trails but not trails to El Rancho going out of town.

What do you believe are the top three issues facing the park district board.

I don’t think they should spend more than what they have.

I don’t think they should build an arts center.

I don’t think they should charge the full cost of maintenance of fields to the teams that use them.

Were you in favor of conducting the recent feasibility study that was jointly funded by the park district and the CAE. Why?

No. The entire reason why is you have three board members that are trying to spearhead the arts/community center, and they felt like spending $37,000 to show this is something the community needs. I think they have had the intention of building the arts center regardless of what the community wants. If this community doesn’t do anything about it, they are going to get it whether they like it not.

What is your opinion of the idea of building an arts center in Buchanan Park next to the Buchanan Rec Center as a joint project of the park district and the CAE?

There is plenty of vacant space they could lease — i.e., the Albertsons building — instead of spending our money to build a new facility for them. I would like to see more baseball diamonds and more parks, and I don’t mean purchasing it; I mean leasing it. We don’t need to spend millions.

What level of development if any is appropriate for Buchanan Park, and how do you feel about the concerns of the neighbors in The Trails and The Ridge.

In this economy we don’t need to be building anything. We need to be saving whatever money we do have. … I like it the way it is. I don’t think we should be developing something. (Let’s) decide in 50 years when we have plenty of money.

How do you see the role of the arts in a special recreation district?

I don’t. I love art. I like to look at expensive art. But I think there is enough places paid for with private money where people can look at and enjoy art. The rec center is for families. It shouldn’t cost $600 (a year) for a family. (Note: An in-district facilities pass for family of four is $762 for 12 months.) What if you are out of work and depressed but you need to do something? It shouldn’t be prohibitive for the average family.

How much should the board decisions be governed by the results of the upcoming community survey to be completed this spring?

I think the board should listen to what the Evergreen citizens say. They don’t want an arts center.

What would you like to change, if anything, about the district and the way it is run?

There are 3,000 kids that need a place to go in the wintertime. You have to start exercising these kids at a young age, or you are going to lose the opportunity to have that habit.

What do you hope to accomplish by being on the board?

I want the board to stick within their budget. I want to make it feasible for average families to have their children in sports. There shouldn’t be additional spending. Don’t look for future projects that are going to strap us further. I know what this town wants: It’s an indoor sports facility, not an arts center.

Open-ended statement. Your choice.

Our winters are six months long here. Where can kids go? There should be more. I provided a place for kids to go. I think I have done more for youth sports than the incumbents in the last four years. If your family enjoyed an activity in the sports center this winter, I think you ought to vote for me.