Parents, students admire renovations at King-Murphy

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By Deb Hurley Brobst

The fourth-grade classrooms at King-Murphy Elementary School have that fresh-paint, new-carpet smell.


“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told the students to look at the carpet,” said fourth-grade teacher Samantha Gorenstein, knowing the carpets won’t be clean for long as students settle into the daily — and sometimes messy — routine of the new school year.

Touring the school’s two new classrooms was part of back-to-school night last Thursday, when students and parents visited with teachers and got acquainted with the building. Families also could see the renovated library, which became a separate room with the construction of a wall. The school’s computer lab was included in the enclosed library.

Cost for the addition and renovation was about $500,000. A few things need to be finished to complete the rooms, such as new shelves and installation of a sink.

Parents Nichole Smith and Leslie Haver spent time checking out Gorenstein’s new room. They were pleased that their children, Kenna Frazier and Sam Haver, respectively, were in a large classroom with desks arranged in a way to encourage collaborative learning.

“I feel we’re very lucky to have the addition,” Smith said.

In the library, Marilyn Pearson showed off the new space, which still needs a few more bookshelves. She said the wall allows students to focus on work rather than the distraction of hearing other students in the hallway.

She said the integrated library/computer lab will let students do research both on the computer and in books at the same time, and the renovation gave the impetus for her to cull through the collection of books.

At the beginning of back-to-school night, principal Heidi Lupinacci lauded the school’s teachers and told parents how much she loves working at King-Murphy.

“My cup runneth over when I come in the doors of King-Murphy each day,” Lupinacci said.

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