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Signers of recall petitions should pay for election
Enough, already! The 450 signers of the petitions to recall the fire board members should have to pay for the recall they want. At an estimated $70,000, that would be approximately $155.55 per signer. Cough up, people! Anyone who votes against the recall or does not sign the petition should not have to pay for it.
These people who want it think it is so simple to find replacement fire board members; it is NOT. They should be grateful the current fire board members are not only willing to serve but are capable and experienced.
No doubt the Evergreen fire district knows how many resident homes and businesses it serves; I doubt these 450 signers make up a very big percentage of the district. Stop talking and whining, and let the fire district get on with construction of the training building.
Of course, what do I know, since I have only lived in Evergreen 41 years!
Sally Korff

School board member apologizes for not handling traffic ticket
As a member of the Jefferson County Board of Education, I believe in lessons — for our students and for myself. In the past week, I learned important lessons about taking care of my personal business.
In 2011 I received a ticket for not having my proof of auto insurance card in my car, even though I did have the insurance. I didn’t take care of it right away and was assigned a court date.
Last week, I was stopped for having expired license plates from December 2012. During that traffic stop, I learned that there was an outstanding warrant from the previous ticket in 2011, and I was arrested for not taking care of the earlier ticket.
I am disappointed in myself and embarrassed by these events, and I apologize to Columbine Village and Jeffco students and citizens for my personal carelessness. I have learned my lesson — get a ticket, take care of it; have a court date, go. The state of Colorado takes these issues seriously, and so should I.
Paula Noonan
member, Jeffco school board