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Mediation should be considered before pursuing fire board recall
As we checked around to better understand the issues in the proposed recall, we’ve learned that there have been many meetings of your group with the fire board, yet you are alleging that the board has never met with you.
Are you aware how much a special election can cost? Are you sure it’s in the best interest of our community to spend $70,000-plus on this issue?
Have you considered mediation? There are various good mediation services that would cost significantly less: American Arbitration Association, Mediation Association of Colorado, Judicial Arbiter Group.
We encourage you to look into these services before proceeding with such an expensive, divisive process.
Ann and Mike Moore

Thanks for supporting fund-raiser to benefit fire families
Women of Evergreen Businesses would like to thank the entire community for supporting the Oct. 3 fund-raiser to benefit families affected by the Lower North Fork Fire. We are pleased to report that we have been able to present the Keuhster Road homeowners with a check for $15,000.
The group is made up of about 75 homeowners including but not limited to the 23 whose homes were destroyed. Other residents were dramatically affected by smoke damage or burned acreage. They have informed us that they’ve decided to use the money for erosion control and reseeding/replanting. The group will administer the $15,000 WEB donation through a special checking account with two signers.
The group meets regularly in its ongoing fight with the state, which has verbally accepted responsibility for the controlled burn that escaped, killing three residents, but has done nothing to date to help the families. By the time the state appealed to FEMA to lend support, FEMA said too much time had passed, so residents have had no assistance other than from individual donors who have contributed money through private fund-raisers. The state has allocated $1.3 million for the Forest Service to begin clearing portions of the 4,000-plus acres that burned, a job estimated to cost $14 million, but no work by the state has yet been started.  
WEB is a small group of local women business owners who work behind the scenes throughout the year to help other women in need, utilizing its Angel Unite fund. This year a decision was made to designate 100 percent of the proceeds of the annual fund-raiser to help the survivors of the Lower North Fork Fire.
Women of Evergreen Businesses