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Sign on truck, announcer’s comments at Rodeo Parade were inappropriate
What follows is the experience my family had at the Rodeo Parade:
I and my guests recall that the gentleman announcing the floats began his introduction of the Obama float by saying something to the effect that “it is an election year, so I need to read what is on the script.” After reading the statement on the script about President Obama supporting small businesses, he laughed and made some derisive comments. After the Democratic floats had passed, he then said it was fitting that the Shirley Septic truck was to follow President Obama’s float, and laughingly encouraged the crowd to read the signs on the back of the truck. One sign said, “This truck is hauling the Obama stimulus package.”
I believe these comments were unnecessarily polarizing, and made a large contingent of our community feel unwelcome at what is supposed to be a welcoming event. Of course, the parade is a public forum, and all are entitled to express their opinions. But it is inappropriate for one viewpoint to be openly mocked by the organization itself. The announcer’s comments and the sign on the back of the truck were rude, derisive and distasteful.
I had family and guests in town from D.C. and California who were also appalled at this non-patriotic and divisive conduct. After the announcer made the offensive comments, I approached the podium and attempted to explain that I was upset by his conduct. He refused to respond to me.
Rhonda Dern