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Editor’s note: The letters we received supporting candidates for the Evergreen Park and Rec District board follow in alphabetical order based on the candidates’ last names.

Adamowski is well-suited to serving on the EPRD board
With three generations of family living in the Evergreen Park and Recreation District, Andrew Adamowski is firmly rooted in the Evergreen area. He moved here with his family as a teen and then attended CSU, earning a B.S. in landscape horticulture. He continued on with a master’s in organizational leadership from the University of Denver. With his wife and two young children, he calls Evergreen home.
Professionally, Andrew has been a landscape manager for more than 20 years with a nationally known company. His avocation in horticulture, complemented by his business and leadership acumen, would make Andrew a great managerial asset to the Evergreen area and the EPRD board.
He will “improve the quality of life in the Evergreen community by providing a wide range of excellent, financially responsible park and recreation amenities and programs, while maintaining and enhancing the area’s mountain character.”
Andrew is intrinsically qualified to understand the breadth and scope of EPRD, appreciating both its merits and its challenges. With a determination for fiscal responsibility and an honest ear to community concerns, he is committed to giving back to this wonderful community that has given so much to him and his family.
Being able to put on the tool belt, as well as the tie, he’s the real deal — the complete package. Andrew Adamowski now needs your vote to be the next steward for your Evergreen Park and Recreation District.
Dick Esser

Doyle has led the way in creating a district that listens to residents
The Evergreen community has a long history of having talented and capable citizens who volunteer their time and talents to make our community an even better place to live. Janet Heck Doyle is one of those individuals. Four years ago she raised her hand and decided to contribute to the community by seeking a seat on the Evergreen Park and Recreation District board. A lifelong athlete and avid runner, she sought to maintain and build on the excellent park and recreational facilities that she and her family enjoyed using so much. Janet ran a very personal “grassroots” campaign with the theme of “Representing All Evergreen Citizens.” Voters appreciated having someone listening to their voices and elected Janet to the board.  
Janet did not come to her position on the board with a personal agenda or the interests of a particular cause or group in mind — quite the opposite. From the outset, she strove to discover what Evergreen citizens needed and wanted from their recreation district. She pushed for greater citizen input and more board responsiveness to that input. Her years as a practicing attorney and a stint as the CEO of a large business enterprise gave her the experience and skill to push for a fact-based and data-driven management system that would deliver the best results for Evergreen citizens and taxpayers.
In the four years of Janet’s first term, much has been accomplished. The first-ever districtwide community needs analysis surveyed the recreational needs and wants of district residents. This provided the facts and data that enabled EPRD to have a truly citizen-input-driven five-year master plan. Janet has played a key role and has delivered on the concepts that she campaigned on in 2008.
In 2011 Janet assumed the position of board president and has led the board and staff in numerous actions in following the community needs analysis to “upgrade and maintain the existing EPRD parks and facilities.” She is now leading the way in implementing the master plan.
Janet is running for a second term to complete the transition that has been so well started and received. She is dedicated to completing the process and realizing an organization that will meet the recreational wants and needs of Evergreen citizens in the most efficient and effective manner possible for years to come. Her continued leadership will be a key to this result.
K.W. Watler

Fire district’s planned training building fails to address wildfire threat
Our new training building is going to be very expensive. I am SHOCKED the vote was unanimous.
But here is the important question: How is this going to prevent, train or assist with the real danger — wildfire?
John Rybon

Congratulations to students who performed in solo ensemble contest
Congratulations to Anisia Barnett, Ingrid VonKleydorff, Kelsey Pashman, Madisyn Genender, Olivia Hahn, Rachel Malpass, Rebecca Chamberlain, Shannon Kittelsen, Tyler Lemon, Will Emery and the Sedici Corde String Quartet (Erika Malpass, Madisyn Genender, Rachel Horton and Sierra Gilman) on your fantastic performances at the Jeffco Schools’ solo ensemble contest on April 21. You all rock!
Ann Nelson
teacher and coach