Our Readers Write

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Snow sculpture on Evergreen Lake was whimsical and delightful
Thank you to the person or persons who did the snow sculpture of the trout on Evergreen Lake a couple of weeks ago. It was creative, well done, and had a sense of fun.
Robert Gottsman

Waiting lists for library books are actually a positive sign
I read with interest Emile Hallez’s story on the number of holds on some books.
The story cited two books, with 165 and 154 people requesting the books. While this may sound like a lot, he missed the good one. Consider Janet Evanovich’s latest book. I would have been No. 600. I chose the large-print version, where I was only 126. Or CJ Box. I am currently No. 74, but the list is now up to 160. The book won’t even be published until next month. I reserved it in early January to get such a low number.
Extremely long waits, much longer than the two books mentioned in the article, are not uncommon. It’s OK. That means people in Jefferson County read. Your turn will come. Find another book in the meantime. At least you know you won’t be disappointed when it’s finally your turn.
Ed Dornfeld

RMAE says thanks for auction success
Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen held its annual auction Feb. 10, and we would like to offer a heartfelt thank-you to all who helped make our event such a stunning success. Because of the generosity of our donors, we were able to raise more than $70,000 to invest in new science equipment for our preschool through eighth-grade classes. Another $60,000 was raised to fund the teacher training, technology improvements and supplies that helped us receive our ninth John Irwin School of Excellence designation.
We would especially like to recognize the many merchants that continue to support our school through challenging economic times. They help make the education that our children receive extraordinary, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.
Olga Koechner
auction chair
Kelly Weist
PTO president