Our Readers Write

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Thanks for making Evergreen Players’ season subscription promotion a success
I would like to extend a huge thanks to our Evergreen businesses that donated gifts and coupons in December for the Evergreen Players 2012 season subscription promotion.
Thanks to Blue Heron Arts, Creekside Cellars, Evergreen Clothing Co., Evergreen Crafters, Go Paint, Highland Haven Inn, Java Groove, Light Walker Wellness, Rio Del Sol, and Tin Star Café! Please shop locally and keep our arts and business communities thriving!
Kathleen Davis

Thanks for a successful Rodeo Night
We would like to thank all the local businesses and individuals who helped make our Evergreen Rodeo Night at the Little Bear such a success. We had a great turnout and many wonderful items in our silent auction. We can’t thank Judy Jeronimus and the staff at the Little Bear enough. The bands were great; the food was delicious.
Our local businesses were so generous! Many thanks to Amy Dunkelman, Arvada Center for the Arts, Evergreen Fine Art, Bert McClung, Bob and Jody Benefiel, Carol Vinz, The Ice House, EverBean, Chris Koch, Dogma Pet Supply, DW’s 285 Diner, Smiling Moose Deli, Foothills Flurries, Knit Knook, Lakepoint Chiropractic, Tall Grass Spa, Evergreen Chorale, City of Arvada, Creekside Cellars, Mountain Man Nuts and Candy, Staples, Evergreen Clothing Company, JoAnne McGee, Hyland Cattle Company, Biggie Liquors, John and Jane Orlando, The Blue Quill Angler, Wheat Ridge Parks and Recreation, Hearthfire Books, Kitchen at the Creek, Evergreen Pilates, NellyBelle General Store, Magnolia Hotel, Linda Heckendorf, Hodge Plumbing, Marko Wilson, Bella Vita, Wilco, Nancy Lyons, Holly Berry Florist, Menchie’s, Stagecoach Sports Grill, Randy Weidner, Ross and Dee Seline, Lakeshore Cafe, Rising Graphics, Parkway Auto Repair, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Ducks Unlimited, Shelly Erb, Sophy Brown, Sue Caicedo, One World Cafe, Evergreen Crafters, Evergreen Animal Hospital, Evergreen Rentals, Willow Creek Restaurant, Bears Inn Bed and Breakfast, Vickki Hakes, Dale’s Maintenance, Aspen Park Hardware, Gallerie Quilts, Shirley Septic, Big R, 3 Margaritas, Black Hat Cattle Company, and the Timberline Gallery.
Thanks to the entire mountain community for their continued support of our parade and rodeo. Long live Evergreen Rodeo: Keep the tradition alive!
Kim Meyer
Evergreen Rodeo board member

Politicians must focus on creating production jobs
I would like every politician and candidate for office to ask him or herself this question: “What can I do today to create or encourage production jobs in this country?”
America needs many more production jobs as a way out of our economic problems. We need to have well-paid American workers producing the goods that we need and want. And we need to resume producing goods that the rest of the world wants. Forty-four percent of our households currently earn so little that they pay no federal income taxes, because the only jobs they can get are minimum-wage service jobs. If (when?) they had good-paying production jobs, the government would have plenty of money to do what it is supposed to do, without having to borrow from China.
Our own government, at most levels, over the last 20 or 30 years has contributed to the outsourcing of production jobs to foreign countries through tax deductions and various rules and regulations.
Now government must do what it  can to encourage companies to build or refurbish plant and equipment, in the United States, to return us to a production economy.
Henry Bell