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Is our Evergreen Chamber really helping all business members?
As a member of the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, I learned of its impending move to the Re/Max Alliance building through a small article in the Courier in early December. I became outraged at the thought of my Chamber using my dues to move into my competitor’s office. Since that building is owned by Re/Max Alliance and houses only Realtors, it’s easy to deduce that travelers will stay in the building and start a relationship if they are interested in relocating to Evergreen. Will this increase revenue for Re/Max, we’ll see, but common sense will certainly tell you that this decision gives Re/Max a competitive advantage over the other brokerages in Evergreen. Enough about Re/Max as I’m sure intelligent readers comprehend the backlash this decision has caused in the Evergreen Realtor community.
My biggest bone of contention is that the Chamber board claims to have researched this move for months but at no time thought it would be wise to seek input from its Realtor members. And when presented with our concerns prior to the agreement being official, the Chamber refused to recognize the conflict or reverse its decision for the betterment of all its Realtor members. Chairman Ben Allen’s reply to me and the other managing brokers/owners was that this move will generate “10 times more visibility” for the Chamber given the location. Congratulations Chamber board, you will now generate 10 times more visibility for Re/Max over its competition, who also are paying members of the Chamber.
Courier readers, if you are a member of the Evergreen Chamber, I suggest you let the board know that you demand it thinks a little more about the ramifications of its decisions before it negatively impact you, too.
Chris M. Vinci
Broker/Owner of da Vinci Realty

Adventure at the dog park
We are blessed to have one of the best dog parks in the country in our own backyard. My husband and I bring our dogs to frolic at the park on a daily basis. He goes on the upper trails. I prefer the more rugged back trails.
On (black) Friday I brought our son’s girlfriend, their dog and our two dogs for a hike on the back trails. We were having a great time when, out of the blue, a young yellow lab (mix?) came running, full force towards us, knocking me to the ground. The dog’s owner was nowhere to be seen. I struggled to get to my feet and had to lean on my son’s girlfriend the entire way back down the trail. We were fortunate enough to run into two wonderful couples who were out walking their dog. They helped me up to the road while my son’s girlfriend went back to the parking lot to get our car. I later found out I had torn my hamstring in the fall. It is extremely painful and will take months to recover.
Please, if you and your dog are enjoying the dog park, you need to have control over your dog. At the very least, you should know where your dog is.
I want to thank the two Evergreen couples who helped us. They were extremely supportive and comforting. Thank goodness there are people like them living in Evergreen.
Ruth Holm