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A letter of thanks to Evergreen on Thanksgiving
In this economy it is sometimes difficult to come up with something for which we are or should be thankful. Living in Evergreen, however, makes thankfulness an easy task. We are blessed to live in this community. Last week proved this to be so true.
Bergen Village Shopping Center merchants heard the local schools were having difficult times on the cultural front because  funds have been cut for art department programs. A few merchants got together to brainstorm and came up with an idea to help the schools and be quite festive in the process. The ideas took off from there.
Evergreen High School, Evergreen Middle School, the Bergens, Evergreen Country Day, Rocky Mountain Academy, Ralston Elementary School and Evergreen Montessori School decorated our windows for the holiday kickoff tree and center lighting ceremonies, all as participants in the Bergen Village Holiday Arts Contest. A big thanks is in order to the participating schools, the students and the teachers who coordinated the event. In return for their generosity, Bergen Village merchants will be donating a percentage of every sale from their stores from Nov. 18-25 — a wonderful way on both sides to take care of each other.
More thanks: Certain restaurants and caterers, without blinking an eye, generously donated food for the event. Thanks to Ice House Coffee Shop and Cafe, Tuscany Tavern, Le Peep, Smiling Moose Deli, Tin Star Cafe and Catering, Mangia! Italian Restaurant, and In Good Taste Catering. Beau Jo’s, Creekside Winery and Menchies contributed coupons and gifts for the occasion.
This is the ultimate in community interest, cohesiveness and neighborliness; again, we should give thanks this week for living in, being part of, and supporting our wonderful Evergreen.
Richard A Schaefer
7801 Home Furnishings at Bergen Village

Bike path too costly amid government cutbacks
These are hard times with budget cuts all around, including many teacher and service job layoffs. State and local governments are being forced to make difficult choices with shrinking dollars. And tax revenues are predicted to decrease further.  
Now we see that up to $2 million is to be spent for a 2-mile bike path from Genesee to El Rancho. When kids are losing teachers and other public services are suffering, does it not seem curious that a million-dollar-a-mile bike path is now a funding priority?
Stan Deever

Please don’t ‘fix’ the lake concerts

As one of the 800 to 1,000 enthusiastic audience members who regularly attend the lake concert series, it’s difficult to understand why a park district board member would question the participation of the generous sponsors who have made this fine community event possible over the years at no cost to attendees or the park district.
Besides their financial support, sponsors provide enjoyable products and services for kids and adults. Regarding the puzzling comment that “there’s no place for the kids to play,” one of the best things about the venue is the abundance of grassy areas where kids play and dance continuously throughout the concerts.
It’s a safe, fun, family-oriented event that offers something for everyone. The park board should be expressing gratitude, not criticism, to those who have made it so successful. Special thanks to Dale Gibbons, who has done a great job producing the concerts, and to the sponsors and fine musicians who continue to make this an outstanding event. Now if we can just keep park board from “fixing” it.
TJ Carroll