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Expanded church would be incompatible with its residential surroundings
We are very strongly opposed to Activation Ministry International’s proposed change in use and facility size. The existing facility, which seats about 300, is consistent with our community’s population and reasonable for what a “community church” should be if it served the local population. Of course, by their own admission, these folks don’t serve the local community, as only 6 percent of their membership comes from the Lookout Mountain area.
 This expansion plan is entirely unacceptable and can be construed only as a commercial venture. The proposed facility size and change of use is inconsistent with the residential nature and character of our mountain community, the building’s setting and all of the surrounding structures. Importantly, it can be used or justified only as a commercial venture, which is in no way congruent with its residential setting and surroundings. To underline the nature of AMI’s expansion and/or change in use, many of the planned uses they cite as justification for their expansion are purely commercial in nature. Perhaps the worst fall out of their ill-conceived plan is what would be in there next if AMI has finaincial difficulties as some churches have; since it would be unsuited for most other uses, we could easily end up with something like a raucous live music nightclub or private events center in the facility. AMI won’t even consider this as a possible outcome of its actions.
We who live on Lookout Mountain chose to live in this area because of its rural setting, the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding countryside, the interaction with resident wildlife, and the lack of commercial activity. The proposed expansion of this facility is not even remotely consistent with the current character of the area and if granted would indelibly change our environment for the worse.  To approve it in any way, shape or form would be a travesty to your responsibility to the citizens that live here.
We truly believe that either the Jeffco commissioners or the Planning and Zoning Commission providing any approval for this change of use and/or the requested expansion would be complete dereliction of duty.
Carolyn Newell and Mike Goldberg

Diversity Day challenged students
I would like to commend Joelle Broberg, assistant principal at Evergreen High School, for the fine Diversity Day opportunity that she created and implemented with the help of many teachers and administrators.  
Students were challenged to confront stereotypes and biases through exposure to many cultures, many religions, various human rights abuses worldwide, and the existence of poverty right here in Evergreen.
As part of the Interfaith panel, I found the students to be courteous and genuinely interested in learning.
the Rev. Ann Bolson
Wild Rose Congregational Church