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Extra care required when driving on Buffalo Park Road
We live near the intersection of Buffalo Park Road and Blue Spruce Road, and as the school year begins we wanted to share some concerns about the traffic on Buffalo Park Road.
Buffalo Park Road is a heavily traveled, curvy mountain road that services Evergreen High School, Wilmot Elementary School and the Wulf Recreation Center. The posted speed limit on the section of road from Highway 73 to Blue Spruce Road is 20 mph. It is apparent through even casual observation that the average speed cars are actually traveling is much higher.
Over the years there have been several incidents of drivers losing control of their vehicles causing them to drive over walls and through fences until coming to a stop in our neighbors’ yards. Interestingly, even though Buffalo Park Road can be very treacherous during winter driving conditions, all of these incidents occurred on nice days when weather was not a issue. In each case, law enforcement cited excessive speed as a contributing factor.
A recent accident resulted in serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. As the new school year begins, we are concerned not only about the increased vehicular traffic resulting in more accidents, but also the pedestrian traffic on the road increases tremendously. Even though Buffalo Park Road is one of the major school routes, the road has no shoulder (much less a sidewalk), and it is very unsafe for pedestrian travel.
For the safety of all who are now traveling this route on a daily basis (many of whom are children), we respectfully request that everyone observe the posted speed limit and avoid distracted driving in this area. We don’t want it to be an accident with more serious injuries or a fatality that brings attention to this problem.
Also, we are working with our neighbors to petition the Jefferson County commissioners to take action to increase the safety of Buffalo Park Road for vehicles and pedestrians. We hope others who travel this road will do the same.
John and Marla Berendes