Our Readers Write

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Don’t take our dedicated EMTs for granted
On July 4, 2011, I suffered a near-fatal fall down a steep flight of stairs, resulting in eight broken ribs (many with multiple breaks) and a lacerated spleen. The Evergreen paramedics and EMTs saved my life. Due to their prompt response and phenomenal care on site and during my transport to St. Anthony’s trauma center, I am now recovering quite well.
Many in our community, including myself, have taken these people for granted and forget how truly dedicated and professional they are. I shall never make that mistake again.
William F. Skewes

Conifer Library should not be closed
Ultimately it is the decision of the Jeffco Library board of trustees whether the Conifer Library closes or not. The decision affects this community on a grand scale. If you want to keep our excellent library in Conifer, the time to speak up is now.
Conifer residents do not have access to three or four libraries within a 5-mile drive. The assumption that Conifer patrons will drive to Evergreen for their library services is incorrect. The round trip to the Evergreen Library adds an out-of-the-way destination to a weary-of-driving population.
The Conifer Library extends library services to an enormous geographic area of the county that should not be left in the cold. The library district spends less than 1 percent of the county library budget on the Conifer Library and receives a rent-, maintenance-, tax- and utility-free facility. In these stressed times, the county agencies melding their resources to provide outstanding library services to the school and community should be applauded.
The Conifer High School students and teachers benefit tremendously from the public library materials budget. The public hours and parking are sometimes inconvenient but are a small price to pay for the outstanding facility the school and the community enjoy.
Please consider contacting members of the library board of trustees with your opinions regarding this important community resource. Conifer patrons are willing to share in the pain of budget cuts but do not want to lose out completely.
Punky Kiefer