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Commission decision on well-test waiver was the correct and fair one
Re: “Commissioners’ decision at odds with recommendations from planning staff.” This is perhaps the one factual statement in the article. I am guilty of having presented the data in the case in which, thank goodness for Commissioner Rosier, who is an engineer and understands science and logic, was able to rule correctly.
I could go on for several paragraphs as to the misperceptions presented regarding this case. Perhaps the most glaring misrepresentation was Mr. Peterson’s comment: “To waive them on such a flimsy request as presented in this case …” Unless I was unaware, I do not recall Mr. Peterson having been in the room. If he was, all the more egregious. Having served on the overlay committee, I suspect he fancies himself to be an expert on fractured rock hydrology.
The planning staff argued correctly and admirably as to what is in the regulations. Unfortunately, the regulations are somewhat onerous and in dire need of a rewrite.
Lawrence A. Cerrillo