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10th Mountain event was inspiring
Facing the uncertainty of how a new event might go over in Evergreen, Western Business Forum president Russ Campbell organized an event at the Evergreen Lake House on Wednesday, June 8. The evening event was a presentation of 10th Mountain Division history and involvement, and presenters included three generations of 10th Mountain Division trained men.
I left the event feeling very satisfied about the presentation, the organization and the whole concept. The event was well attended (about 250 people), and while the lighting was not ideal for the slide show, the presenters maintained a sense of humor as they told their worthy stories.
It is my sincere hope that Western Business Forum will continue to carry out its vision of providing quality community events like this. With the cooperation of Evergreen Park and Recreation District staff, the Lake House was a perfect venue for the presentation. Contributions from attendees benefited the Evergreen Recreation and Park Foundation. But the real benefit of this event was the Evergreen community.
Kit Darrow