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Smiling or not, you’re still on camera
Upon reading the Sept. 1 article “A camera here, a camera there,” I came to a conclusion: wherever you are — a school, library, bank, store, bus, even in your own vehicle — your actions will be recorded. Big Brother is far past the reality show. Technology’s glory-driven marketing has gotten the best of us. We are certainly not aware of who or what is beyond those mysterious “black eyes” hanging from ceilings, some more hidden than others, or if a log is created on specific individuals based on their visits to particular places at particular times — i.e., banks.
Before I’ve attributed cameras to areas with crime; thus, anywhere I would see one, I would feel uncomfortable going there. Now, however, one must cope with the “larger than basketball size” cameras that tower down at Walmart. How about those friendly reminders posted at McDonald’s entrances, “Watching and Listening.”
The majority of society has conformed to the notion that surveillance is just another part of life, essential to protect property and personnel, although people’s actions don’t seem to change. We still walk, converse and react freely as if we weren’t being recorded. Still believe we have privacy? Go rent “The Truman Show.”
Derek Acosta
unincorporated Jeffco