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We should patronize mountain businesses
My wife and I went to the Bergen Park movie theater on Valentine’s Day to watch, along with 10 other people, “The King’s Speech.” After 25 years in Evergreen, I felt like we were witnessing another favorite business going down. We all seem to miss the Hardware Store and the Drugstore. With more than 100,000-plus of us living in the mountain communities that stretch from Conifer to Bergen Park, you have to ask if we want a bedroom community that shops down the hill for their needs. Or, do we want a thriving business community that serves some to most of our needs so we don’t have to always travel down the hill to shop. The low turn out at the movie theater made me think about that question. I for one would like to shop more up here.
If most of us could modify our traditional buying habits and buy one more milk/bread need, one more oil change, one more dinner out, one more gas fill-up and one more movie ticket up here rather than down the hill, we might strengthen our business community so they can supply us with good, valued products and services. I’m not suggesting that we buy all our needs up here but to support our local merchants where and when possible.
Most of the businesses up here seem competitive with those down the hill, and the service certainly is more personal. If we buy a few more of our needs up here, then maybe we won’t see another favorite business closing down. I know businesses come and go, and the Big Box stores certainly take much of  the local business, but “Buy Mountain” might be a good slogan when we can do it to keep our business communities vibrant and healthy.
Michael Clinton