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Recent wildfires a reminder of firefighters’ great work
The recent wildfires in nearby towns reminded us again of how grateful we were when a nimble group of Evergreen firefighters came to the rescue last spring on the mountainside behind our homes. They quickly fought and contained a fire that could have turned into a catastrophic situation for those of us on Nuthatch Road off Upper Bear Creek and the area around us. A big “shout out” to these men and women for what they do for all of us. Many thanks,
Joanne Kelley, Roger Fillion, Susan Daggett, Zane Dennis and
Allen Stevens

Alternative site offered for community garden
This is an open letter to all the people who have expressed an interest in a community garden in Evergreen. In the creation of the initial master plan for Buchanan Park, the Evergreen Park and Recreation District determined that the public was in favor of trails and garden areas. While EPRD was presented with at least one preliminary proposal for a community garden over the years, it seems no one had the energy or organization to champion the idea to fruition.
Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability (known by the acronym EAS+Y, because with Your help, keeping Evergreen green can be easy) was formed about a year ago, and one of its early goals was to create a community garden at Buchanan Park. EAS+Y has been in talks with EPRD for the last few months and, at the last EPRD board meeting, arrived at a preliminary verbal agreement with the board to move forward with the community garden. Community support for the garden was demonstrated by signatures that EAS+Y representatives collected in less than three weeks from more than 400 Evergreen residents who favored a garden at Buchanan and more than 50 people who wanted to actually participate in having a plot at the site. To date, only two individuals have expressed opposition to the idea.
At the Sept. 28 EPRD board meeting, EAS+Y and Green Scouts formally withdrew their request for approval by EPRD. This was done because a number of issues seemed to coincide suggesting the interests of all involved might be best served by delaying the implementation of the garden:
While EPRD’s board clearly favored having the community garden, there were a number of details that needed to be worked out before a comprehensive action plan could be formulated. EAS+Y and Green Scouts were eager to move forward in time to till and amend the soil this autumn and prepare the garden for planting next spring, but EPRD’s most recent master plan for Buchanan has yet to be finalized, so there were questions about where to place the garden and who was to pay which costs to install and manage the garden, and most important, Megan Mitchell, the EAS+Y board member and president of Green Scouts who was the leader of the community garden initiative, received an offer from a local religious organization to install a garden on their property that included grant money to pay for costs above and beyond volunteered materials and labor.
The alternate site represents an opportunity to immediately move forward with a community garden, and Mrs. Mitchell will have a full plate organizing that project over the next several months.  
In the meantime, EPRD can finalize its master plan for Buchanan Park, and EAS+Y and Green Scouts will continue to advocate for a community garden for that area. We wish to thank those who expressed support for the garden and look forward to making it a reality in the near future.
Tupper Briggs
President, EAS+Y

Evergreen Peace demonstration was beautiful, powerful
On Sept. 21, almost 100 members of the Evergreen community joined millions of people in thousands of communities around the world in celebration of the 28th International Day of Peace with a community observance at the Buchanan Recreation Center pond in North Evergreen.
Coordinated by Evergreen Peace, with support from the I Love U Guys Foundation, this year’s event marked the eighth annual Reflections of Peace community action and the third year the event has taken place on the World Peace Day, designated in 1981 by the United Nations.  
Choral Images from Evergreen High School, under the direction of Charlene Hunt, joined John Erlandson, Lisa Delia and Rich Jacobs in providing beautiful and inspirational music for the occasion. Iris K. Barrett shared an original poem, and Trice Hufnagel and Kari Tomow offered a song and dance. The Roots and Shoots group, led by Suzanne Baird and Christie Greene, carried a large handmade peace dove, while a processional circled the pond with lights. Michael Sahlin rang the gong that began and ended five minutes of silence while we held thoughts, prayers and intentions for peace.
It was a beautiful and powerful hour-long event focusing on peace, as a hopeful possibility and potential reality. We thank all who made the evening happen.
Denise Stoner
for the Steering Committee Evergreen Peace

Boating precautions worked at Evergreen Lake
Seriously speaking, I don’t and wouldn’t make light of what happened to the Hunter Family on Evergreen Lake. But let’s remember that safety precautions ARE in effect at Evergreen Lake, and THEY WORKED! Thank goodness.
There is inherent risk to any boating activity. Those of us who boat, kayak and canoe regularly know this and respect Mother Nature; she can be unforgiving. It doesn’t seem a far stretch to understand that paddleboats have less control than a kayak or canoe. So to enforce a stricter smaller area to boat in because some people do not respect their own limitations seems to me punishment for all.
As for signing a waiver, I believe it is there to remind ignorant people that there IS a risk. This is not Disneyland. Is the only solution to limit everyone to the baby pool? While we’re at it, maybe we need to stop people from climbing Mount Evans because of the risk of a lightning strike.
Let’s not forget that this horrifying event met with a happy ending. Yes, this was due to calm heads, safety precautions that were in place and were followed by Park and Recreation employees (anyone say thank you?), and a small boat that rescued a scared family. Seems to me we don’t need to fix something that’s working. If not, then please ask the boaters of Evergreen Lake.
Linda Kerber