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Thanks for MLK Day service
I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Rev. Dee Cooper and the Rev. Mary Ann Dimand for the fine Interfaith Martin Luther King Day service they lovingly crafted for Evergreen this year. 
The service was held Jan. 17 at Evergreen United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Todd Everhart hosting. With the theme of “beloved community,” we were drawn into the heart of Dr. King’s teachings by Roz Duman, founder of the Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness & Action (www.ccgaa.org). We cannot sit by idly while thousands lose their lives in Darfur and elsewhere. We must learn from the Holocaust and the lynchings of the last century.
Rev. Ann Bolson

Keep Buchanan Park an elk habitat
With regards to Vicky Gits’ article “Elk herd seeking greener grass where people live,” I wanted to respond for many reasons. We live in Hiwan The Trails, which is just across the street from the beautiful Buchanan Park. Our bedroom, kitchen and living room all face the trees that have been there for a long time and provide shade, a noise buffer from the parkway, and a place for the elk to enjoy. In fact, within the Buchanan Park master plan, this park has been referred to as “Elk Park.”
From the master plan: “The history of the land that is today Buchanan Park is in many ways the story of Evergreen. For centuries, the ground was inhabited mostly by deer and elk, who wintered in its meadow. The first government scouts and surveyors named the area ‘Elk Park.’ ”
The master plan states that “the plan is responsive to community interests, preferences and funding ability. The smaller park improvements, each to be approved by the district board, will be subject to periodic citizen surveys, and governed by annual district capital spending appropriations and successfully attracting funding partners. The larger buildings envisioned will need voter-approved bond funding (i.e., taxpayers in Evergreen ponying up the money) requiring each to pass district-wide citizen approval as to function, size, scope and cost. Yet, when the HOAs of the subdivisions directly next to the park provided surveys from the homeowners (I was part of the survey team for The Trails), the responses were mostly ignored as the ERPD steamrolled ahead with the master plan, with total disregard to the surveys from the homeowners directly affected by this horrible plan. My vote is to keep the park a park with trees where the elk can live.
Don’t get me wrong; I am a gym rat and go to Buchanan Rec Center regularly. I enjoy walking around the park. My husband has coached a women’s softball team for years that plays in Buchanan Park.
Readers can learn more about the master plan here: http://www.evergreenrecreation.com/manage/files/pdfs/buchanan_master
Please continue to educate the residents of Evergreen that building massive structures in Buchanan Park along with huge parking lots will increase traffic and further push the elk into the neighborhoods, unless our residents start to speak up and be heard. And that’s not even mentioning shooting and killing elk in residential areas and near the golf course.
Kristina Sherwood