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Thanks to the deputies who apprehended carjacking suspect


I just want to say thank you to the Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies who apprehended and subdued a heavily armed carjacking suspect last week on Interstate 70.

As the video shows, deputies risked their own safety for the sake of their fellow citizens. I’m sure you guys would say you were just doing your jobs, but that doesn’t make this community any less grateful. Thank you again.

Rob Witwer, Genesee


Evergreen Legacy Fund is a ‘feel good’ effort of volunteers


Like most good efforts in Evergreen, there are groups of caring, giving volunteers working really hard to make Evergreen better. And sometimes, we just cannot reach all of our community to educate them on our good efforts.

By now you may know that ELF, the Evergreen Legacy Fund, is Evergreen’s voluntary 1 percent contribution program that participating businesses and private individuals contribute to. It is the capital-raising arm of the Downtown Evergreen Economic District.

We are “a network of dedicated local businesses working to preserve and improve the infrastructure of public amenities of downtown and greater Evergreen.”

Businesses post two signs announcing the program; 1 percent is added to the guest/client bill. Again, no one has to contribute. It is a “feel good” effort.

There are 30 Evergreen businesses and individuals making contributions, each month or quarter or annually. They have committed to help make Evergreen better. It is simple, and it is working.

My business, the Highland Haven, has been collecting from all guests for almost two years. We have not had one guest “opt out.” And ours is a bigger-ticket amount than most; therefore, our contributions, happily, are significant. And these contributions are by tourists visiting, not locals who will benefit the most.

Please watch for the green elf posted on each business, and thank these people who make Evergreen better. Better yet, if you are a business not yet involved, we would love to include you. If you are not a business but would like to help your town, we would gratefully accept your contribution.

There is a good deal more to this remarkable effort, so keep an eye on us. You will soon see our elf about town, marking the improvements.

When you do see the elf at stores and restaurants, thank them. Please contact any of we three “Elves” who are able to help you sign up. We would be delighted.

Gail Riley, Highland Haven

Eric Gill, Bear Paw Management

Jim Sherwood, Evergreen Clothing Company


Concerns voiced about proposed corporate retreat center


Jefferson County Planning and Zoning and the new owners of 6450 County Highway 73 held a community meeting July 1, when the new owners informed us that they have plans to develop this building into a corporate retreat center. The building has been extensively remodeled to provide for overnight accommodations for as many as 20 people, and it would appear eating facilities as well. The property has not ben rezoned, and it seems that the application to rezone has not yet been made; in addition, the plan for this projected operation was not shown to anyone at the meeting.

The neighbors who attended brought up several points of concern:

• This is a residential neighborhood, not conducive to commercial operation.

• Water in our area is unknown and chancy at best. Water was trucked in to the senior-home operation several times in the previous years.

• Increase in traffic.

• Fire danger — restrictions on smoking?

• Size and capacity of septic system?

• Why were improvements made prior to a zoning change? (The change is apparently in process.)

Some years ago, the then-owners applied for permission to house 12 residents in the senior care facility, and neighbors expressed water concerns at the time, but a special-use permit was granted.

We should be alert to what meetings are held to deal with this process. My personal feeling is that there is a subtle effort to move this to being a commercial property, and in this residential area, that does not seem appropriate. Please keep track of hearings.

Mrs. Dale R. Patterson, Evergreen 


Tea Party types mar local post office


The local Tea Party far-right zealots seem to have emerged from their bunkers and have decided to descend upon and use the Evergreen post office as a venue from which to shout for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.

Their right-wing illiteracy steeped with dog-whistle racial politics joins that of such famous conservative zealots as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. They characterize Obama as a Hitler, Stalin and basically an un-American and evil human. As users of our local post office, we deserve better and would prefer that these people please go away.

Jack F. Salter, Evergreen


Brockner’s columns a big asset to Evergreen


Sylvia Brockner and her informative columns in the Canyon Courier have long been a great asset to our community. Weekly, they remind us of how fortunate we are to live in this special mountain environment.

The decades-long contributions of naturalist Sylvia and her late husband, Bill, are key pillars of what makes Evergreen such a special place. Even as she convalesces with nursing assistance, Sylvia continues to educate and inform us about this special world she has taught us to appreciate. What a great example she sets for us all to learn from and follow.

Art Hogling, Evergreen