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Thanks for permitting memorial at the rodeo grounds


We would like to thank Bob Benefiel, Dave Marshall and the PRCA family for allowing us to bring our brother/father, David Miles, back to his roots in rodeo when we held a memorial at the Evergreen rodeo arena this past weekend.

David got his start in this very arena 45 years ago starting at mutton bustin’/little britches, then finishing as a bull rider.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Barbara Miles, daughter

Sandy Kidd, sister

Quick response to fire showed professionalism of responders


On Friday, June 4, there was a fire at the edge of Jefferson County where it borders Clear Creek County. The fire was between 3 and 8 p.m. The fire was spotted and overseen by members of the sheriff’s department, Foothills Fire, Evergreen Fire and Clear Creek Fire.

The concern and professionalism of all involved were exemplary. I know because the fire was being spotted from our deck, and I had the opportunity to listen to the calls that came in.

I wondered if it was going to be on the news in the evening. The reason it was not on the news was the reason everyone would wish: quick response to the fire.

It was in difficult terrain, but it was brought under control before it became a full conflagration. Anyone who has ever fought a fire knows that quick response is an absolute necessity. We didn’t get slurry bombers on this because we didn’t have to. Everyone was ready and functioned as a unit.

We would like to tell everybody that it was a pleasure to see our teams and our tax dollars work in such a positive way.

Albert and Joanne Greenberg


Evergreen kids displayed good manners at Rodeo Parade


I walked in the Rodeo Parade for the first time this year and discovered something else to love about Evergreen: We have the most polite children in the world. Every child — and I do mean every — said “thank you” to the token I placed in his or her hand or bag. It was heartwarming and encouraging.

Parents, thank you! You’re doing a great job!

Sherry Walker